View Full Version : LFT - Demo/Sniper as a back up for IRON

January 30th, 2013, 12:22 PM
Hey guys,
In-game Name : LivM
Location : US EAST
Class: Demo > Sniper

I played tf2 when it first came out then quit for a while.
Just started playing again couple weeks ago. I have about 780 hours about 90 hrs since I got back. Although I have no experience in highlander, I played some 6v6. However,I played Counter-Strike in leagues for many years. So I know what it is to play as a team.

I'm looking for a spot in a BACK UP for IRON team.
I play a lot but I don't want to commit myself to practices/scrims etc.
So I'm looking for a team with
1. mature members (preferably some who plays in pub as well)
2. members who enjoys playing tf2
3. understands it's just a game -.- although you play competitively

P.S. Even if you don't want me in your team, if you know a good, relatively small community of tf2 players please let me know!! Getting tired of playing pub "alone"

Here's my steam page