View Full Version : Prophet LFT silver+ pyro

May 8th, 2015, 01:48 PM
I have so far 4 seasons of exp on pyro on various teams. Last season I played as sub pyro for Grammar Natzis in gold, and have played on previous iron-silver teams. I am commonly used to a more aggressive on the flank style, but depending on the teams needs I can definetly stay more by the combo. Most common secondary is the flare ^^.

About me, im pretty calm about most things but have known to be abit.. Vulgar. I can definetly tone this down though as required though c:

I'm mainly looking for a chill team looking to improve and grow together with fairly common scrim days (im available practically 24/7)

Ugc HL exp:
Scrub a dub dub NA Iron (pyro main)
Techno Toast NA Iron (pyro sub)
Hilltop Hoodlums NA Silver (pyro main)
Grammar Natzis NA Gold (pyro sub)

Ugc 6s exp:
Yager Bombers NA Iron (scout main)
Synergy NA Steel (medic main)
Adults Only NA Silver (pocket main)
Adhoc Agency NA Silver (roamer main)
Wu Tang NA gold (scout main)
Six of Nine NA silver (scout main)

Add me here!: