View Full Version : LFT scout/heavy/solly/demo

February 11th, 2015, 04:14 PM
Hello, i'm marqueee. It's probably really really late making this but I've been wanting to give HL another try after a million years since my first and last season as a back up. I've been playing this game for god knows how long and haven't really played HL all that much outside of tf2center and a few times ringing for various level teams. Regardless, I think I have enough experience and basic mechanics down to at least play in Silver. I've had about 2 complete seasons of UGC 6's and about 2 seasons of ESEA open with my 3rd team being 8-1 in open right now. I've only played scout and medic in 6's, but I'm sure I can nail down explosive classes fine.


February 11th, 2015, 04:54 PM
One of my favorite people and really cares about the game. Give him a try.

February 12th, 2015, 02:31 PM
Quality player and person, HL is easy and he's good so it's definitely conservative to look for a silver team. I haven't seen him on projectile classes, but he's easily gold+ on scout.

February 13th, 2015, 03:53 PM
lives in compton

drove 4 hours to a microcenter when his pc broke so he wouldnt miss a scrim

good dm

fun person

only negative is that hes a weeb but that can be overlooked