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December 14th, 2014, 09:37 PM

Looking for a 6s team, I play demo. Got plenty of expirience, 4.5k hours tf2. Circled through many 6s fun teams, because I couldn't decide what I want to play. Decided to stick to demo for now.
Can play pretty much every evening of the week (mon - thursday starting 8pm cet) and friday and saturday late nights.
I played roamer and scout in 6s before and played pyro in hl last season.

I have a mic, don't mind using it, speak english and german fluently. As I said, I'm available several evenings a week and usually in the afternoons as well.

I don't expect too much of a team.. just be serious, willing to improve, don't flame and scrim more than once a week. I wanna play :]

Looking forward having a good time.
Yeah.. no idea what to add tbh. If I missed anything, post here or add me on steam.

If you add me, please comment on my profile saying something like "added from ugc post". I ignore most friend requests, because of recent increase of scammers.