View Full Version : Swifty LFT Pocket/Roamer/maybe medic (Silver-Gold) {Maybe Sub}

November 26th, 2014, 10:32 PM
Hey, My name is Aleks aka AvosSwift/Swifty and Im looking for a team for 6s in either high silver/mid-gold.

I play tf2 pretty regularly, and play tons of pugs, scrims, lobbys, mge, dm etc... I would like to play pocket but roamer is okay as well (better pocket then roamer),simply because I play pocket more. I can also play scout fairly well and medic. I have over 1600 hours on tf2, around half of those are spent playing soldier. I have been on a few teams in the past. I have 2 seasons of 6s and 2 seasons of hl all playing soldier. I feel like I have pretty solid dm, which I am always looking to improve, I have a 6s mentor that I go over demos from matches and scrims with.

I feel that team chemistry and attitude are a big part of winning games and I try to keep comms as clear and positive as needed be. I can make almost any match time/scrim if its between 3 est-12 est weekdays, and 12 est-12 est weekends (unless of course I am busy for whatever reason, I will say in advance) I wouldn't mind playing sub on a gold team but would like to play main on a silver one. I would like a team that's fairly solid. Wants to win but also wants to have fun playing video games. By the end of the current season I should have 2000 hours, and around 1200 on soldier. In terms of commitment level, I would like a team to play anywhere from 1-4 times a week but its really team dependent.

The last few teams I have been on have been pretty great. Current hl team is looking at finishing top 4 in our division, and 6s team the same. I'm a pretty good with comms, and am talkative so I could definitely main call. I do go over 6s strats a lot with my mentor and I live in Toronto Canada.

Just give me a shot and you can try me out, I wont disappoint


November 26th, 2014, 10:46 PM
Get Aleks while you can! One of the best soldiers I have played with. Great DM, Positioning, calls, and has amazing leadership skills! Cant wait to see where Avos ends up!