View Full Version : LFT roamer d5/6

October 17th, 2014, 09:00 AM
Greetings! Wundzy here. I was originally gonna play demo this season but that didn't work out too well.. so I'm back to roamer, wich i have played for 1 full season before. Also I do know that it's in the middle of a season, but I know there's always someone looking for someone to join their team so yeah..

- Got my own Mumble server we can use at any time.
- I would personally say that I'm pretty good :P.
- I'm friendly.

17:55 - Dolly: knowing when to jump
17:55 - Dolly: thats literally it.

The requirments for your team is just to be a social team, and not suck. :p

Add me if you want me to trial.