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September 28th, 2014, 08:42 PM
no longer looking. thanks tho

Hey! Thanks for showing intrest in being a sub for Shaka ZuLu. We were in Steel 4s last year with a not-to-shabby 6-4 record. We are currently looking for RELIABLE subs for Demoman, Scout, and Medic. We need subs because we all attend school or have jobs. Now for requirements:



***about 800hrs in game, not required but would be very nice, if you have 500 but feel like you have what it takes then no worries :)

***Be polite and be able to take criticism

***Age isn't important nor is gender

***We are located in the East Coast of the USA, but we ususally play matches on Dallas servers, so keeping that in mind all of our scrims will be around 8:30EST so it will be wonky for any West Coast players :/ and EU players will have a hard time with Dallas ping, so with that in mind we might not be the fit for you if you are EU :/

***If you have read this far, tell me your favorite meme. This is to assure that you can follow directions.

***Mumble is a MUST with a mic, Mumble is free and you can pick up a mic for 5$, the mic doesn't have to be great quality, just put it on push to talk and only talk when necessary

***PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, YOU ARE TRYING OUT AS A SUB, THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL NOT START OVER THE STARTERS JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO (that was necessary, since in the past, I had someone play in 1 match and they though they were the starter :/ rip)

***As a sub, I GUARANTEE you will get at least 1 match this season, adn always feel free to hop in and spectate a scrim or practice. You will be listed as a member on the team, you will get a medal, and you will get to show that you have past comp experience :)

***We are all pretty easy going and love to joke around, if you want a super serious team with rigorous scrim schedules, welp, we might not be for you B)

***I hope you give us a shot and want to tryout :)


***Have steel-level DM, be able to win 6/10 fights against other scouts.

***Good gamesense, not necessarily 4s gamesense, but just being able to know when to go in, when to stick with the medic. We will teach and go over 4s gamesense, as it is relatively new.

***Be able to block out Friday nights ~8:00-10:00 (I or Teen Gohan will let you know if you are needed, if not you don't have to block out fridays)

***Be willing to listen to your team and teammates (We have 1 season of 4s under our belts so we have a general idea of what to do, so just dont be a jerk to construct criticism :8):

***Want to win and willingness to learn


***Have above average sticky ability

***Know what to do with kritz, a good kritz in 4s, since it is mainly koth maps, can kill 3/4 of the enemy team

***Good, above average memes

***Want to learn and get better


***Know when to run away and know how to stay alive

***Decent survivability, this can be worked on and taught

***Good gamesense, know how the game works (crit heals, respawns, the maps, etc.)

---Who to contact:---

foldeR(main leader, coolest cat here): http://steamcommunity.com/id/foldeRtf2/

Teen Gohan(scrim guy and co-leader, kinda cool. we guess): http://steamcommunity.com/id/TeenGohan


Q:What div is this?
A:Look at the post.

Q:What time zone is the Team?
A:East Coast USA (EST)

Q:If I'm pyro, can I tryout as demo?
A:Feel free to, we will see how it goes.

Q:How, many people will make it?
A: 1 Scout, 1 Demo, and 1 Med

Q:Scrim Schedule?
A:Defiantly, Thursday 8:00PM and Saturday 8:30PM. Most likely more, depending on the map and the team we are versing.

Q:I am Ron Burgundy?
A:Who put the question mark on the end of the teleprompter?

October 2nd, 2014, 06:57 PM
no longer looking