View Full Version : KSV is looking for new Heavy

September 26th, 2014, 11:32 AM

We are Team Awesome's Killer Sandviches, and we are looking for a Heavy to play in season 14 and maybe some more.

KSV has been a mainstay in UGC for the past two years. We're a fun oriented team that cherishes and produces TF2 talent. We're in it for the team spirit and game, so check your priorities at the door before stepping in.

We are looking for you, Heavy Weapons guy! We need a new main heavy, our current heavy is due to enter conscription in a few weeks. We can offer you a main position with moderate play time.

KSV is fun oriented and plays regularly, but sparingly. We scrim once or twice a week. An official on Mondays. We play pub and MvM a lot. Many of our members are playing 6s teams to maintain their DM.

What can you do for KSV? Ksv needs a heavy it can rely on. With time to play Mondays between 20:00 and 22:00 CEST, as well as scrims, often on Wednesday or Thursday. As heavy you'll be the combo's meat and dairy; maintaining the forward position while covering the retreat when things get hot. We require a particular level or play from a heavy. Not only do we want a heavy with competitive experience, we also want a mature and sensible attitude to performance and teamwork. We also demand a respectable level of English, both in speech and in writing (the team leader is a teacher and the sniper is a corporate translator).

What can KSV do for you? Being a long standing team, KSV is a stable and reliable team to be in. We'll play our matches and we get scrims planned well in advance so you can plan it in your schedule with ease. As a part of the Team Awesome community, KSV has access to large number of game servers and a large mumble server. We schedule our games and affairs on a community forum. Furthermore, the community is home to higher level 6s and HL teams so there is room to grow if you feel inclined. KSV is run in a positive manner. We have a staple events around Halloween, Christmas and the team's birthday. As well as a weekly player of the week election that can win you customised items to parade, as well a heartfelt praise and constructive feedback.

Oh golly sarge, where do I sign? Simple, contact me, Whoota (http://steamcommunity.com/id/whoota/) and we'll get you all settled for a trial.