View Full Version : Secondhand Mercenaries is LF backups! (Steel)

September 12th, 2012, 08:10 PM
Hey folks!

Secondhand Mercenaries (SHM) is currently looking for a backup Scout, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Heavy, and Soldier*.

While we're a Steel team, I think it's best to give a bit of a background on who we've got. We've got a few Silver players (myself, Droogie, and Wonderballs), we've got plenty of fine folk from the now defunct HeA (some of you might remember the summer season team that did quite well in Steel). We're a team cobbled together from the ashes of other teams, essentially. Secondhand, if you would.

If you're a backup on our team, you're guaranteed to get some action on the front lines. Perfect for someone who wants to get into competitive and really needs to put a season of experience under their belt.

Contact either myself (steamcommunity.com/id/crowvo) or ThePretender (steamcommunity.com/id/1chapper) to try out. Most likely I'll just toss ya into a lobby or a scrim (if we're lucky) to get a feel for how you play.

More than anything else we ask that you have the right attitude for this. No one wants a cocky douchebag; someone who's fun but knows when to put on the serious face is really preferred. I'd gladly take a skill cut if it meant avoiding any drama llamas. Ya dig?

We need a serious Soldier ASAP!

September 14th, 2012, 12:04 AM
We also need a main spy; our main backed out, which is a huge problem considering how close we are to the start of the season!

The 76th Trombone
September 14th, 2012, 04:26 PM
I'm adding you on Steam. I'd like to try out for Spy and/or backup Engie.

September 22nd, 2012, 01:20 AM
Bumping for great justice!

September 24th, 2012, 10:14 AM
Nice to know that people besides myself from HeA found a home. Wolf is a great leader, and I wish them luck! (You should join this team, they're one of the only really serious steel teams out there).