View Full Version : Ayeee, I am searching for teams that need a medic <3 (4v4 Iron)

July 24th, 2014, 08:49 PM
Ayee, I am really skilled at the TF2 class, Medic.
I have practiced for months, and I am really, I repeat really good.

So, this is also my first time in UGC, I have no Idea how to do this /-\, I know how to join a team.
So send me the team password and friend me.

Skype: swagmasterlee60
Steam: ^LoM^$Forday$

And, for further notice, I will be using the normal medi-gun most games, not "The Kritzkreig"
I do better with the stock medi-gun, but if you want me to use Kritz, I will.

So, Thanks for taking your time to read this, PEACE! <3

Also, to tell me I'm in the team, send me a friend request, thx!