View Full Version : Skillful player [LFT]

CooL MaX
June 1st, 2014, 07:14 AM
Hey guys.

Been playing tf2 since the beginning of tf2 - 2007 so have 5+ years with total 5K+ hours.
Played only one time in HL match when this mode just appeared. Haven't played in any clans for a very long time.

Looking for a good team in which people know how to play. I really want to participate in tournaments for prizes.
I'm free during the week time after 5 pm and usually at the same time on the weekends.
My best 3 classes are demo, heavy and solly with 445, 308 and 331 hours. In total I have 1k hours as each of them.

As additional information I am counted as one of the most trustworthy gamers due to my trading experience.

You are welcome to add me on steam to discuss. Cheers.