View Full Version : Team LF a lot of subs!

Tom Spillfat
May 24th, 2014, 09:57 AM
Heya, we currently need a spy, sniper, heavy sub! [subs, not mains!]

A little something about us...

Our team is called Medik is Spy! and was founded a couple of months back (3 or so, i believe) by me and a friend. Since then we've scrimed and continue to scrim twice a week and currently have officials *yay :D *. Currently we need some backup players as a just-in-case for our officials. So as a sub on this team you are required to be available on monday evening in case we need you. As far as scrims go, of course i wont demand anything from you! It'd be torture to sit and wait 3 times a week only to probably not play. I will ofcourse ask you if you want to play for scrims incase someone is missing and you are online and available. Playing with us on scrims is 100% optional! So, the only thing we require is an hour or so of being available on mondays, 2 hours tops.

As far as other qualifications go, you need to be experienced with TF2, your main class and also with the highlander format. Previous team experience is not required, but lobby experience and some reading is a must :)

Just in case we come off as giant tryhards and generally unpleasant people, rest assured that the basis of this team is to play, learn and have fun together! Oh, and a final things, we have an age restriction of 16!

Add me on steam if you are interested in subbing for us /Regards, Tom

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197979388577/home/