View Full Version : Looking for a Solid Gold Team Needing a Med

May 24th, 2014, 01:45 AM
About me:

My name is Kano on the internet (it's a capital in southern Nigeria), Ben in real life. I'm a political science major at James Madison college, going into my second year of college woop woop. I've played tf2 for a couple of years and I've done a lot of work in order to understand what's going on behind the competitive scene. The following are some things that I'd like to tell you about myself as a player as well as information to help you understand what type of team that I'm looking for. I won't bother with credentials and the like because I figure if you're going to look for a gold team, you're either someone who belongs there or a complete scrub who could spend a few more seasons in steel, yeah? Okay, so here goes:

+ I like to buff scouts a lot. If you have very strong scouts who know what to do with 185 that'd be really helpful.
+ I can call but I'd prefer that a damage class was main caller due to proximity to the lines and general medic gameplay not allowing for a clear view of events. I can, however, organize data and pushes in my head if it is communicated well. I'm good with strategical play and would appreciate good execution within the team. Clear comms are very important to me.
+ My medic dm is pretty good. I can surf shots, hit air bows reasonably consistently etc. Something that I need to work on and am continuing to do.
+ Ideally this would be a team where most (if not all) of the players are of a mature age, so like college or upperclassmen at the minimum. I hope this doesn't offend anyone but I've been on a couple of teams where less mature players have ruined the framework of the whole group.
+ You would ALL have experience in Gold, Open, or another high level of competitive play. Please don't be the guy who goes from mid-steel to gold; they are entirely different games.
+ You like to pub together. Pubbing is how I personally work on dm and other fundamentals of tf2. Some people believe that mge or lobbies are "supr srs business," however I believe that both foster lone-wolf tendencies or incorrect gamesense that do/es not fit well within a high level of play. People who are good at comp end up being good at mge, not the other way around (in my opinion). Plus pubbing is just plain fun when you do it with a group of friends.
+ Cool tag. I'll wear the tag but it better not be something stupid or a bunch of random letters :) Haha, I'm just kidding but not really.
+ Scrims, but flexible. I like to scrim but I also have to balance school and my job which can become difficult. Understanding and compromise is all I'm asking.
+ Long term. I would like a group of friends that can grow together and become insanely good as a team.

If I sound like a guy you could hang out and work with then hit me up at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135872636
I don't mind random adds but if you could just drop a message saying what's up that'd be great. Okay, see you around! Also if you make me mge or lobby tryout I will scream, just saying.