View Full Version : Team oreos looking for subs/main

February 26th, 2014, 02:28 PM
Hello there Oreoes are now recruiting we are searching for a main soldier and subs for demoman, engineer, pyro, sniper and a spy (spy might even be a mainspot available).

Who we are and what can we offer you as a player;
- Own mumble and tf2 server.
- A very friendly enviroment, with lots of fun, friendship, good sportsmanship, and we are very serious and committed about going to the top!
- Help and alot of support, help to improve aswell as always a really nice atmosphere.
- Good humor and fun times.
- Special event days!
- Room for everyone.
- We are playing scrims tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday and sunday, (aswell as special eventdays).
- The time for our scrims are usually 20:00gtm+1.
- Very sociable. :)
- Always calm and resonable.

What we want from you as a player;
- Reliable.
- Sociable. We prefer people who are sociable also outside of scrims and matches :).
- Willingness to improve.
- Dedication, and a nice attitude, no rage :).
- Good comms and competitive experience is required.
- Able to speak english/american fluently.
- High level of seriousness and wants to go to the top with the team.
- We want loyal and dedicated players that will stick with the team, and willing to sacrifice yourself for the team.

If you got any questions or feel like adding us to give us a try, please add Bycomp for further discussion.