View Full Version : Murphsn looking for main soldier/scout and subs for every class

Mr. Mustachio
January 16th, 2014, 06:37 PM
hello guis

we are a fresh highlander team that will play div 5 etf2l in the next season and ugc steel this season.

i am looking for a main scout and soldier and subs for every class.

for trials just add me (mustachio) on steam, but first read the notes below and make sure if that fits you.

what i expect that:

you know your class.
you have experience and gamesense that matches for div 5 or ugc steel.
you have enough time to play 3 times a week (1 official 2 scrims).
you are able to lookup the steampage every week 1-2 times and know about the scrimdates without asking the leader co-leader.

what we have is:

a gameserver
organization for 2 trainings each week set firm date and time latest at saturday for the entire week(if wished can be more)
organized trainings, map briefings and tactical meetings (that means that not every training has to be a scrim)

what i will not tolerate is:
missing dates without an excuse.
if you cannot play that is no problem but tell me early enough or comment on the event in the steampage.
if you can play i also want to have that in the comments of the event.
beeing a fuckhead, flaming, raging or any kind of childish behaviour that is not fun for others.