View Full Version : Ice Cool Jacket looking for a silver engi!!!

January 7th, 2014, 02:09 PM
Hi everyone,

Since the our engi just left us for some work problems we need a new one for the upcoming UGC Silver season.
We are a div5 team that just finished the Div6 season with a 2nd place losing only 1 game vs a div4-5 team :(
We want you to speak a good and fluent english with some experience behind 1 or 2 season ETF2L or UGC and please no ragers.
We have a Mumble channel and we Make scrims 3 times a week : Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Monday for the official, they might change in this days.
Most of our players are well experienced and polite, also our maincaller Has Div2 experience.

Add one of our Leader : Me ( Dejvi ) or Derakusa , to talk and for a trial.