View Full Version : Mytag looking for Pocket spot.

January 2nd, 2014, 04:15 AM
Hello, my name is Mytag and I'm currently playing on Orange is a Verb Highlander team as sub Soldier but I want to start playing 6v6 as a Pocket. I have played 3 seasons of Highlander and 1 season I was a leader of a team that went 1st place lower bracket.

About myself:
-Over 1800 total TF2 hours and ~500 hours as soldier.
-Good gamesense
-18 years old
-Good map knowledge
-Good English/not shy to talk
-Available to play whole week except Fridays and sometimes can play on weekends

What I want from you:
-Div6/5 level
-Decent communications
-No 14 years old
-Scrim at least 2 times a week

So if you think I meet your requirements and you meet my ones, just add me up on Steam and we can talk!