View Full Version : Semper- Backup engie/scout/soldier (Gold, maybe low plat)

December 19th, 2013, 08:10 PM
rip smobos team it died 2 fast

After a season and a half break from HL, I'm getting back into TF2 again. Due to reliability issues and a tight schedule, I will most likely be playing backup this season. I try to be reliable whenever possible, but I won't be available until late night Tuesday and Thursday nights (if at all, depending on the work load) due to an internship that I will be working on. I'm mostly looking for a relaxed group of people that would be fun to hang around with in Mumble, but also try to improve whenever possible. Steam link is in my signature.


UGC Season 8:
Engineer for Team Smitty Werbenjegermanjensen- 5th place NA Steel Blue

UGC Winter Season 9:
Engineer for √ľN- 3rd place NA Silver
Silver All Star Engineer

UGC Summer Season 10:
Engineer for Grill Gamers- NA Gold- Disbanded
All-class backup for Secondhand Mercenaries- NA Gold- Disbanded


UGC Season 12:
All-class backup/cutie for Merzick and his Sexy Brazilian Hoes- NA Silver