View Full Version : Cortez LFT Silver/Gold - Pyro, Demo, Soldier, Heavy, Scout

December 13th, 2013, 03:49 PM
Hey all,

Looking to play starter on a Silver team this upcoming season. Willing to try Gold if I fit, though probably only on Demo, Pyro, or Heavy. I played Demo in Steel two seasons ago (4-4) and achieved consistent top damage/DPM in most of the scrims and matches we played. I played Scout this past season in Silver (3-3), but the team ended up disbanding about halfway through the season I'm down to play any of the classes listed in the title, listed in order in preference. Pretty laid back in the Mumble and adaptable.

I'm 21 and a college student in the northeast and follow comp TF2 avidly, both HL and 6s. I'm ideally looking for a team that scrims a max of two nights a week - college keeps me very busy. If I have notice of scrim times/etc though, I'll be there.

You also may have seen me around if you play on the Critsandvich, Reddit, Combobreaker, or STAR servers.

Looking to have a good time. Add me! =)


<3 TF2