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Femme Fatale
November 21st, 2013, 01:01 AM
My name is Femme Fatale, and I am a pyromaniac. I've played a lot of Pyro, usually in #tf2.pug.nahl and sometimes in #tf2.mix.nahl (I'm an admin there, but I really just ban people and laugh :3 ). I'm looking for a starter position on a decent Silver or Gold team. My playstyle is pretty flexible, but my usual position is near the combo, defending the ever-precious Medic from Spies and bombers. At the risk of sounding boastful, I feel as though my spychecking is some of the best around - I routinely practice against top-level spies in pug.nahl. These days, I've been focusing more on I am always figuring out new ways to improve, whether it's practicing with my teams, in pugs, or on training maps or pubs. Everything is practice, and there are always ways to improve.

For the time being (and for a few seasons now), I use a faulty mouse with no mousepad. Thanks to the help of a friend, this is in the process of getting fixed. Until further notice, though, please keep in mind during any tryouts that I will be using a very bad mouse :P

I exist mostly in the state of Washington, and partially in the perpetual state of confusion - but both are in the Pacific timezone. My schedule is flexible, but Saturday nights are almost always a no-go when it comes to practices.

I also really like pie.

My experience:

ETF2L Season 1 - D9
Backup Pyro - #3 in Division 6

ETF2L Season 2 - Unbelievably Brave Sweethearts (uBs)
Backup Pyro - #2 in Division 3

ETF2L Season 3 - D9
Starter Pyro - #3 in Division 4

UGC Season 6 - D9
Starter Pyro - Steel Red

UGC Season 6 - TIKS
Backup Pyro - Steel Red

UGC Season 7 - Defective By Design (DBD)
Starter Pyro - Silver

UGC Season 7 - D9
Starter Pyro - Steel Red

UGC Season 8 - D9
Starter Pyro - Steel Red

UGC Season 8 - Steel Allstar Pyro

UGC Season 9 - Chaotic Neutral Alliance (CNA)
Starter Pyro - Steel Blue

UGC Season 11 - The Silent Riot (-sr)
Starter Pyro - Silver

ADD ME ON STEAM. I'm around often. http://steamcommunity.com/id/SuddenlyPyros/

November 21st, 2013, 02:22 AM
Despite the fact that I normally don't agree with the decisions she has made in the Mix.Nahl channel, I have never really had issues with her. In fact, during the time that I was banned she was actually quite nice to me. She listened to my story, offered as much help as she could in getting me unbanned and never caused a scene when she realized I was aliasing to avoid the ban. On top of that she is constantly in the pug.nahl channel added up as Pyro/Engineer looking to get games in. Her dedication to HL is second to none. The fact that she has 1,000+ pugs is beyond amazing. Despite her experience and dedication, her improvement has been very slow. Whether this be because of her set-up or just general lack of taking things in is unsure of. Her dedication alone is worth giving her a shot.

Femme Fatale
November 22nd, 2013, 04:31 PM
I bump dis

Femme Fatale
November 24th, 2013, 10:44 AM
moar bumping is needed

November 24th, 2013, 10:24 PM
Femme is pretty good against spies and is really nice. Give her a chance playing against higher level teams and her dedication she'll improve quite a bit.

December 5th, 2013, 01:20 AM
Femme is great. Awesome personality, very cooperative, friendly, and knows how to take a joke. Most importantly she's willing to try new miscs and hats for Pyro. 10/10 Pyro give her a chance.