View Full Version : Fresh Meat looking for a Highlander team.

November 18th, 2013, 07:37 PM
Hey! I started played TF2 not too long ago and I would like to make tryout for any team that is interested on having me in.

I have a mic, I can take loses well, I like playing cooperative and syncing up with my comrades. (That's why I'm here after all)

I am really friendly person that is always open for suggestions and whatnot on how to improve and stuff like that.

I only played in pubs but I think I have what it takes for a more complex and competitive scenario like Highlander. I really don't work well under pressure but if my teammates are show enough support I can do anything.

Now I am Scout main myself I have a pretty good aim and I take down key targets like Medics and Snipers like not other Scout. I am also pretty good Soldier too if you are looking for a damage dealing class. But if you are looking for more of a support class I can always play Engie or Medic from time to time.

I can play a little bit of Pyro and Heavy as well. But I suck at Demo,Sniper and Spy.

I hope we can make a good team. Just add me if interested :)

I live in Brazil by the way. So my timezone is ought to be different then the North american one.