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November 7th, 2013, 01:30 PM
hey, i'm Eucalyptiz with two seasons of steel experince, and after my last team disbanded because the regular season ended i've decided to make a new High steel team. That team will be "When the Sun Met The Night".

To join you must:
Have mumble installed.
Have Atleast 2 seasons of UGC steel(Including Summer Season)
Have 2 seasons on the class that you play.
Be atleast 14 or in Highschool.
Be Mature.
Wants to have fun.
Can play monday-thursday 8:00 est-10:30ish est. And possibly saturdays 8est-11:00est
Must make all matches/scrims.
Must know basic+advanced knowledge of their class.
Must know all rollouts(Roamer+Demo)
Must be open to Pugs in free time.

We are going to try to scrim atleast once(prolli twice) a night and do demo reviews before, in between and after scrims.

Add me in interested for a tryout. All tryouts will be by scrim