View Full Version : krit1k! LFT for the rest of Season 11 [Steel/Silver]

October 24th, 2013, 05:14 PM
I'm posting this here because i'm not getting playtime at all on my current team. I know that the Rosters lock this Sunday, and that i'm co-leading a team for the next season, but i wanted to post here anyway.

I can play:
Heavy - Steel/Silver (Backup on a Silver team)
Sniper - Steel

I am available for the majority of the day. Although i want to be a starter i'd love to backup for a Silver team to get Experience. I'm unable to maincall, however. It should be the Demoman/Medic's job to do that i guess.

I don't want to be a starter on a Silver team because while i do believe i'm not that good, i'd like to have some challenge. I also play on mix.nahl quite a bit.

If i can't find any team that fits me i'll stick with my current team.

Here's my logs if you really want to see them: