View Full Version : New steel team (aiming for high steel)

October 15th, 2013, 03:20 AM
Hello I'm Bycomp and I've been playing together with my former (and now dead) Highlander team SZ, after a few bad starts and alot of bad stuff happening, me and a friend decided to start over again with a new team. And we are aiming for high steel, we are searching for good players that got atleast 100+ hours on their main class and 1,000+ hours on Team Fortress 2. I'm the maincaller of the team and you as a player should have some previous experience and now what you're suppose to do. Understand what we want from you and have been playing ( atleast one of the following) mixes, pugs or lobbies. We aren't accepting brand new players and we are two very friendly persons.

The classes we are searching for is, Soldier, Spy, Pyro, engineer, Scout, Heavy and sniper.

Don't feel affraid to add Bycomp for a trail, we're going to set one up in a near future and we want as many as possible to trail. We are searching for thoose commited and that really wants to get up on the top places amongst steel and are aiming together for low silver.

So add Bycomp for a trail, we're going to trail a different bunch of people and are searching for; People that are social, can play their class really well, have a good english ( since we're talking in mumble during officials scrims or whatever we are doing), played competitive before in some way and are overall good players. Got clean comms and not a rager or flamer.