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November 8th, 2012, 03:57 PM
eKg is a team in UGC who's currently recorded at 5-2. eKg needs sub players that are willing to appear in most scrims and some of the matches. eKg will probably reappear in steel again for certain circumstances. If you are willing to join, here are the requirement <-- not much c:

- Must have some 6v6 experience.
- A decent DM skill.
- A mic
- Over 1000+ hours in TF2 (Unless alt account)

eKg is mainly looking for a sub demo and a sub medic. We are not need of scouts and soldiers at the moment. Tryouts are scrims. I will also test your DM on MGE.

If met all those requirements, We will have a talk.

eKg's goals:
- Head into Platinum and get in top 5.
- Head into ESEA-O