View Full Version : Experienced High-Steel Team LF a GOOD Demo!

October 11th, 2013, 11:52 AM
What do I mean by experienced high-steel team? The 5 of us have all been playing 6s together since March of 2013 and have a very good understanding of what to do on each map and how to play our respective roles. Due to roster complications, we are now LF a demoman. Please though, if you do not meet all of these requirements listed below, do not bother replying to this post.

-MUST have 6v6 experience. League experience(as a main). Pugs/Lobbies do NOT count as 6s experience.
-MUST be very open to criticism and be able to take orders from the maincaller
-MUST be able to practice on your own time as well as improve with our team (STV reviews, map reviews, etc.) it is not enough to only play tf2 for scrims and matches
-MUST have an in-depth understanding of the demoman class and his role in 6v6 in regards to POSITIONING and PUSHING specifically, most importantly in relation to the pocket.

We're all in EST so our scrims are generally in the evenings after school/work, starting around 8pm and ending around 10pm. We try to scrim at least twice a week, more realistically we'll be scrimming 3 times a week, ~2 scrims each night.

If you're interested and feel you meet all the requirements, feel free to add me, or respond to this post.