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October 30th, 2012, 02:47 PM
They said we were cute and harmless. We proved them wrong.

Ok, rosters are locking down sooner than I expected so let's make this short and sweet. Evil Beastly Minions (eBm) is looking for multi-class backups for the rest of this season. We are a very dedicated team who likes to have fun and learn.

- Looking for multi-class backups, except for Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy
- I see some people saying they can backup as demo for example, when it's their least played class with 25 hours... Please, I'm all for giving people a chance but let's be realistic :)
- Having played in at least some kind of competitive format (even if it's just lobbies) is a must
- Looking for dedicated players who are willing to join and just sit in our Mumble and stuff. NOT LOOKING FOR ROSTER RIDERS

--> Our Steam group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EvilBeastlyMinions)
--> Our UGC Clan page (http://www.ugcleague.com/team_page.cfm?clan_id=5130)

If you're interested, ADD ME (steamcommunity.com/id/Mamboulay/). Hurry! Rosters lock down this Sunday at 9EST, so you have to contact me before this Saturday (the sooner, the better).

October 31st, 2012, 03:50 PM
I just ate 15 bananas. So good :)

October 31st, 2012, 07:02 PM
I played american and European teams for past 4 years. I dont have much time on this account (last one got hacked) I can play Scout, Medic, Pyro and Spy. I play mostly Scout and Medic. I hope I get a chance to play on your team. I live on the east coast and during the winter I lose power from time to time.

Bad parts: Scout dm is not to great.

November 1st, 2012, 10:46 AM
Check out these awesome and cute cupcakes RedЯuM's (our engie) sister made for Halloween!

Some of them got headshot =/

Want some? WELL ADD ME (steamcommunity.com/id/Mamboulay)


November 3rd, 2012, 03:27 PM
Last bump!

November 3rd, 2012, 05:25 PM
Id be interested as pyro add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035782663