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August 19th, 2013, 02:45 PM

What's up friends!

We have 277 teams world-wide (so far) that are ready to play! Last season was our biggest, regarding the number of teams that played. We are expecting this season to be even bigger! If you are a player, sign in through Steam on the main website and check to make sure you are on your team's roster. If not, make sure to get your team's "join password" and click on the Join Team (http://www.ugcleague.com/player_login.cfm) link.

Season 11 is only two weeks away! Are you excited? What do you hope to accomplish throughout this season? Fortune & Glory? Sounds great, Dr. Jones!

If you don't have a server to play on, there are plenty of gaming hosts out there! Some providers are doing really cheap deals these days.

TF2 Server Sponsor
Gameservers has joined with UGC to provide a number of servers, which will serve as a poll of available servers to all of our divisions. We still highly suggest you rent a server for your team as the cost is extremely low (especially if the whole team chips in). One of the benefits of renting your own server is that teams that have their own server tend to be more successful as they have a dedicated place to practice.

Team Leaders & Server Operators:

Don't forget to log in and set your team to "Ready". Only teams that are "ready" will be scheduled for matches on September 4th. If your Team is not Ready on that day, you will miss Preseason Matches.
Get your Rosters Setup: Make sure your team has a "join password" set and make sure all of your players are on your roster.

I'm working on releasing a Team Leader "How-to" for beginning Team Leaders. Some of the topics will cover: creating a team, managing your roster, finding players, communicating with opponents (Match Comms), scheduling your match, contacting admins, submitting match scores, and submitting a match forfeit. Stay tuned! I should be releasing content this week, in the format of video, PDF, and a forum article.

S11's Preseason map is pl_borneo_rc2 and is available for download on our HL Downloads Page (http://www.ugcleague.com/files_tf2h.cfm). Thank you very much to our pug.nahl IRC group for helping playtest this map and give feedback for our current Release Candidate. Much thanks as well to the map's author "Heyo"! While you're on our Downloads Page, be sure to update any maps you might not have on your servers! Attention: the whitelist may change prior to the start of the season. Keep checking the main page and the forums every so often for updates on this.

TF2 Realm News

ESEA LAN just finished. Quick-Fix really "buffed" that meta, right? RITE? Here's the ESEA LAN frag vid: IMMOVABLE (http://youtu.be/OalWDhYfdeg). (for those lost in translation, this is a joke - I sincerely hope the QF broadens TF2 gameplay; 2nd edit, nevermind. lol)


Fully-Charged: Episode #36 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upUkJ-NGUks)
Kritzcast: Episode #233 (http://www.kritzkast.com/kritzkast-233-the-heavy-has-a-triangular-head)

eXtv's America vs Europe documentary is out: YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vquSQD33dmc) | eXtv (http://i46.extelevision.com)

VanillaTV wrapping up Nation's Cup Semi-Finals. Check 'em out!: YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/VanillaTVorg/videos)