View Full Version : Steel team looking for subs!

August 8th, 2013, 07:50 AM
Hello there, we are a steel team that are looking for 1 sub for every class. Since we are playing both UGC HL and Etf2l you'll be needed to be able to jump in if necessary.

What we seek from you as a sub:
-Good comms.
-Speaking good english.
-Know their class well and likes to play it.
- Got 100 hours or more on their class.
-Be commited.
-Not a person that goes totally fruitfly banan fly if he gets picked (which means you are suppose to be able to stay cool and calm)

Atm our team is:

Scout: ChewyRaptor.
Sniper: Phoenix| Digitalin.tf
Spy: Splinter
Medic: Havoc
Soldier: Caimon
Demoman: Just
Engineer: Royal Flush (etf2l) and Lobsteri (ugc hl) /Sub's already collected got 1-2 atm. *NOT SEARCHING ANYMORE*
Pyro: Alien

So we still need subs, so add me, I'll keep this post up to date.