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  1. Go! recruiting 2 subs for s10!
  2. Talking Team Total Overcast looking for subs
  3. [.Csm] Crysomemore - Looking For Subs (& Main Soldier <--- Details Inside)
  4. Team MeanMode - Looking for Subs S10/11 UGC
  5. Handsome Rogues LF Subs
  6. Team Total Overcast is looking for a Soldier - EU Silver/Div 4
  7. Silver team looking for subs & main soldier (Details inside)
  8. Team Colonslash: Storm LF for substitutes
  9. Go! recruiting a heavy +possible sub
  10. TWERKFORCEONE looking for main medic
  11. SLASh LFT Spy Silver/Plat
  12. Lazer Squad is looking for a Medic and a Sniper!
  13. Chromosone Crew LF Main Heavy (and heavy sub)
  14. Ice Cool Jakcet- Lf main sniper, solly, engy
  15. VD looking for a main medic and probably a main spy for the near UGC season!
  16. Ice Cool Jacket looking for a silver engi!!!
  17. Silver HL team looking for silver scout/solly/pyro/spy (closed)
  18. LFT Spy
  19. Boys from the North looking for main pyro!
  20. Team oreos looking for subs/main
  21. Looking For Team Spy/Pyro
  22. ASG e-Sports Silver team looking for players! mains/subs
  23. Devilz gaming looking for main members
  24. Looking for silver heavy, main spot for S13, and all class subs
  25. Looking for Silver Demoman Sub
  26. Looking for Silver Engi
  27. Looking For *Silver* Players
  28. Harbingers want you! (Main Sniper and Sub Pyro)
  29. New team looking for Main Demo/temporary team leader
  30. Harbingers looking for Joint Heavy main!
  31. LF mid for high silver demo! (main)
  32. The Noble Mercenaries need some subs !
  33. LF div 3/4 pyro
  34. KSV is looking for new Heavy
  35. looking for invisible french conniver
  36. Lf etf2l engineer
  37. Looking for SUB Heavy and Scout
  38. Looking for main sentrineer and sniper
  39. looking for engi and med silver
  40. Looking for Pyro + Scout Main + Subs
  41. Looking for Main Medic
  42. Looking for pyro main
  43. Looking for all them subs
  44. Lf engie + subs
  45. LF Heavy UGC
  46. LFP Heavy main
  47. Silver Team Pocket Rocket looking for ENGY
  48. Looking for Engineer + Pyro Mains
  49. LFP main pyro and engie + backup
  50. Looking for a Solly main
  51. Looking for heavy(and possibly spy) main
  52. LF Demo main
  53. Looking for some subs
  54. Going for 1st Place in silver LFP
  55. Lf demo
  56. Looking for silver soldier main
  57. Looking for team for highlanders (SPY)
  58. Main heavy pyro and spy
  59. Looking for subs (Heavy, Engie, Pyro and also Allclass Subs)
  60. lf Pyro Main!
  61. LF Sniper main
  62. Lf Subs (Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, Medic, Sniper, Spy & Multi-class.)
  63. pyro and scout main
  64. LF Top silver/Gold Soldier
  65. ETF2L MID Team | Sleeping Koalas LFP
  66. Looking for Medic Main UGC Silver + ETF2L MID
  67. LF High Silver/Mid Scout
  68. LF High Silver/Mid Engie
  69. LF High Silver/Mid Sniper
  70. LF High Silver/Mid Engie and Sniper
  71. LFP Scout
  72. LF High Silver/Mid Scout
  73. LF Pyro, heavy, possibly demo.
  74. LF Gold/Mid Pyro
  75. LF Top open players
  76. LF Gold/Top Mid Demo and Heavy sub
  77. New Silver Team - Scout/Pyro/Heavy/Engie LFP
  78. Looking for a demo-sub
  79. Team LFP Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman and Engineer Main + Allclass Subs
  80. Team looking for a main-scout
  81. Team is looking for a main heavy and subs
  82. Main engi
  83. LF Main engie, heavy, sniper
  84. LF Heavy Main + Subs
  85. LF Scout and medic mains
  86. Med + Heavy mains, solly sub
  87. LF Heavy, Pyro, Scout, Sniper
  88. LF Main Heavy
  89. lf the SPY !!!!1! + sniper sub
  90. LF Top Silver Pyro
  91. LFP Most Classes
  92. LFP Pyro solly and subs
  93. New team lfp ugc silver - eu
  94. LFP Scout and Demo
  95. LFP Pyro, Medic
  96. LFP Main Scout, Spy, Demo + subs for all classes
  97. LFT Silver
  98. wrong
  99. Silver team lf gamers
  100. LFP Heavy (+Prolander)
  101. [CLOSED] LFP Medic