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  1. Looking for players for S10
  2. Looking for Scout
  3. Sons of Liberty Looking for Players
  4. The Mighty Geese LF Subs
  5. TeamSteveGaming Looking For Backups S10
  6. Zodiac looking for back ups
  7. FUSHIGIIIIIIIIII, we want you (pizza)
  8. Smokin' Crockets LF Backups [High-Steel]
  9. Minh Advantage LF Pyro/Demo/Medic/Sniper Backups
  10. Threat Level Midnight LF starters
  11. TRW (Trainwreck) LF Starting Engineer
  12. Flaming KIRA LF Backup Sniper
  13. The Dunk Sqaud LF Heavy, Scout, Medic, Engi. Backups Every Class Needed
  14. {Steel} Hiring for Team Annoying Devils
  15. no longer looking
  16. Negro Birds are looking for players!
  17. ADT| Looking for starting engie
  18. Smokin' Crockets LF Demo (High-Steel)
  19. ϟAftershockϟ {Steel} Looking for a starting medic!
  20. [CF]- CockFighters want backups! (All Class Pretty Much)
  21. Muffin Munchers LF Backups + Starter Sniper
  22. No longer looking
  23. czar - LF soldier and scout starters
  24. Trainwreck HL LF Backups
  25. MAWR HL [High Steel] LP
  26. Reindeer Illuminati; LF main medic, backup engineer and backup sniper
  27. Steel Team LF starting heavy
  28. Tilt looking for starters
  29. LFP Scout/backups
  30. |LAB| Looking for 4 more players to fill out our roster
  31. The Annoying Devils ( new page )
  32. MerbosMagic -- We need quite a few
  33. [low Steel] Ministry of Monarchs LF backups
  34. Egyptian-Zodiac Looking for Subs
  35. HL team (insert team name) LFP
  36. Minh Advantage LF Heavy
  37. Steel Team Looking for Starting Heavy
  38. Looking For A Heavy!: Shred The Gnar
  39. 8] needs engineer & spy
  40. Insanity HL Steel | Looking for backups
  41. Klondike Outage LF Scout and Solly! (Mid-Steel)
  42. Team disbanded
  43. Hale's Own Team LF Soldier/Demo/Medic/Scout
  44. 360 FS LF Solider main slot, west coast (high steel)
  45. Cockfighters [CF] LF starting Engineer
  46. Egyptian-Zodiac Looking for Starter Heavy
  47. pP Looking For Pyro, Demo, Medic, Sniper, Spy
  48. Tilt - Looking for a heavy and backups !!!
  49. Free Maxheads Looking For Main Soldier & All backups
  50. f u s h i g i LF ENGIE STEEL CHAN @!#@!#21312321
  51. Trainwreck HL LF Backups UPDATED
  52. [Steel] LF Soldier, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy
  53. Steel team lf subs
  54. Trainwreck HL LF Scout and Backups
  55. Insanity Mid-Steel Looking for a Few Mains and Subs
  56. Team Gamma, Looking Lots
  57. New Low-Mid Steel team LF engie/soldier/backups
  58. Upper Advantage LF SUBS
  59. Gravity Ugc Highlander Steel Team LFP
  60. Need Backups!!!
  61. SS looking for Pyro, Sniper
  62. The Turnips (T_T) need a starter Pyro and a few backups
  63. Upper Advantage LF Soldier Sub
  64. LF steel players
  65. [TMNS] Looking for Backup players!
  66. Reindeer Illuminati - LF for main engy, back up sniper
  67. Reindeer Illuminati LF Engie Main, Backups
  68. Team Sukusukus is looking for Main Scout/Solider/Demoman/Heavy/Medic/Sniper/Spy
  70. LF Engie High Steel
  71. Steel lf starter scout soldiers try outs tonight super happy fun time 2.0
  73. [umbr] LF: All class backups, medic backup
  74. RI Looking for Pyro Backup and a Multiclass backup. (Very chill team)
  76. Ss looking for starter pyro and engi
  77. Upper Advantage LF STARTING PYRO
  78. Team Looking For Most Starting Players, and All Subs.
  79. [high steel] super happy fun time 2.0 lf starter heavy
  80. [STEEL] Insanity-HL Looking for Pyro Medic sniper/Subs
  81. Gnarly Nautical Robots looking for a demo sub
  82. Mid Steel-The Mighty Geese LF Med + pyro
  83. Steel Team looking for Soldier, Demo, Heavy, and sniper subs
  84. Rainbow Waffles Highlander Steel Team looking for Medic!
  85. Minh Advantage (new Steel) LF Engie and Demo
  86. Mid-Steel Team Executables LF backups for every class!
  87. Dark Alley Hippies looking for most classes!
  88. [Steel] rbx Looking For Main Sniper
  89. New Highlander Team!!! Looking for all classes!!!!
  90. [Steel] Sequence Series - Starting recruitment for season 11 early.
  91. [Steel] Diamond Sandviches Lfp (mains) s11 early recruitment
  92. Diamond Sandviches LFP S11 Steel - Most classes needed!
  93. New Team!
  94. Done
  95. [Steel] Team Steve Gaming Looking for Main Demo, backup Soldier, Heavy, Medic
  96. Ministry of Monarchs lf demo, backups
  97. Currently not looking
  98. Minh Advantage [Mid-High Steel] LF Main Demoman
  99. Trainwreck (STEEL) LF Multiclass/Single Class Backups
  100. [Steel - UNOFFICIAL TEAM] Big Gay Rainbows trying out mains and backups multiclass
  101. Kill Streak Heroes Looking for a Strong, Experienced Heavy
  102. [Low Steel] Wombo Combo - Looking for main Spy/Scout, Soldier/Engineer/Medic subs
  103. Unofficial Steel Team seeks backups (esp Scout!)
  104. [STEEL] ϟAftershockϟ Recruiting: Demoman!
  105. New Highlander team looking for mains and subs
  106. Relax.Gaming LF Starter Medic
  107. this is nothing
  108. S11 Steel (Red) Team Why Stop, Some Starters Needed!
  109. [TNS] The noob slayers LFP
  110. Brand new High Steel team looking for a High Steel Medic
  111. Idea Highlander team- need heavy - need all subs
  112. Forget this fucking thread, it's useless
  113. [Steel] Looking for Pyro/Heavy/Demo
  114. [Steel] Recruiting High Skill Players for .NSA.
  115. Steel HL Team looking for a Soldier and subs!
  116. New Steel team looking for most classes
  117. Looking for a Co leader and experienced player in steel
  118. LFP Pyro-Heavy-engi-Spy and subs
  119. New Team looking for player.
  120. New Highlander Team!!! All Classes Needed!!!
  121. LF players, Steel(Red)
  122. Relax.Gaming LF Starter Spy & Pyro
  123. Team Why Stop, in need of Starters for: Engi + Spy
  124. [GWWH] LF Medic and Engie Subs + Scout Starter
  125. Re'Defined lfp: Scout, Engi, Pyro, Heavy + Subs
  126. Mid-High Steel Team looking for a Medic
  127. Idea Highlander team-LF HEAVY need all subs welcome!
  128. New Highlander Team Looking for all Classes!!!
  129. New Highlander Team Looking for, Demo, Heavy, Engineer, and Sniper
  130. Proximity to Ducks looking for high Iron/Low steel players
  131. Team looking for a HEAVY MAIN! STEEL low/mid
  132. Reading Rainbow looking for a soldier
  133. Looking for Multi-Class Subs (Most needed classes atm: Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Sniper.)
  134. Steel HL Team looking for a Medic
  135. Looking for a highlander team to join
  136. Team F2P LF Starter Medic S11
  137. New Steel team Looking for all classes mains and subs!
  138. [GWWH] LF Subs!
  139. Steel Team LF HEAVY
  140. Trainwreck LF Demo (Starter) -STEEL-
  141. New Highlander Team Looking for , Demo, Heavy, Engineer, and Sniper!!!
  142. Team Why Stop in need of Sub ASAP
  143. LF Steel Subbies
  144. The Varsity on Horseback LFP + Subs | High Steel
  145. Looking for soldier, engineer, medic, and sniper
  146. HighlanderWithFriends LFP
  147. Proximity to Ducks looking for low steel players
  148. Closed. Please Close for the sake of my sanity.
  149. |dp| LF High Steel Starting Soldier
  150. High Steel Team LFP
  151. Steel Red Team LF Mains
  152. ESC looking for steel sniper!
  153. Luftwaffle LF Main Demo + Subs
  154. Team IDEA LF DEMO
  155. Looking for Sub Med
  156. Handi-Quacks needs YOU - A different kind of HL team. Check us out!
  157. List of subs needed! Scout, Soldier, Demo, Engi, Sniper, and Spy!
  158. the doobs is looking for an Engie!
  159. Cold World HL, Looking for All Classes, main and sub!
  160. Steel HL Team looking for an engi
  161. High Steel Team LF Demo, Engi
  162. [STEEL] LF BACKUP/SUB Demo!
  164. Looking for Spy and Sniper main
  165. lf subs any class
  166. Grammer Natzi's LF Spy | High Steel
  167. Cloudsdale Weather Corporation Looking For All Positions Sans Starter Medic
  168. Team looking for main heavy, engineer and possible demo plus ALL subs!!
  169. Looking for heavy main and any class subs
  170. Steel team looking for Scout/Engi/Sniper
  171. Handi-Quacks - A casual team - Looking for Spy, Sniper, Pyro, Demo
  172. TMC - Mid Steel Team - Looking for a main demoman and a soldier sub
  173. Lf medic, spy, engineer
  174. High-Steel team LF Main Demo, and Backups!
  175. Mid-High Steel Team Looking for Subs!
  176. The gentlemen killers, looking for all classes but spy.
  177. Cold World Steel Team LF Heavy
  178. Mid Steel Team looking for subs and main demo
  179. Team oZZ looking for heavy!
  180. LF medium steel sniper and spy subsitutes -IDEA highlander
  181. [HyMa] Looking for Steel Engi!
  182. Steel Team Looking For Medic Main
  183. Pigs of War Recruiting
  184. Steel HL Looking for Subs!
  185. mid/low steel Highlander team Looking for engi starter and subs!
  186. Looking for MAIN ENGI!
  187. Mid Steel team looking for subs and Main engie
  188. Steel Team looking for Heavy, Engineer/Backups of all classes!
  189. Steel HL team looking for an engi main!
  190. High Steel Team LF Backups!
  191. high steel team needs solder and engi
  192. High Steel Team LF Pyro & Engi MAINS
  193. Mid Steel Team LF Almost All Subs
  194. Steel Team LF Pyro, LF backup pyro, spy, heavy, scout
  195. ^STEEL #tw: Looking for Medic
  196. High Steel Team LF MAIN Scout and Engineer
  197. STEEL team looking for subs, and a possible main demo!
  198. NA Steel (Red) Team looking for Heavy main
  199. High Steel Team LF ALL BACKUPS!
  200. Tea & Strumpets Looking For Players: Demo, Soldier (Silver/Steel)