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  1. Octothorpe recruiting for s10. Just need heavy and backups.
  2. The Infinite Recruiting for S10 (Need Starters)
  3. [Silver] Cardiac Arrest looking for soldier/sniper
  4. Animal Farm LF Heavy/Sniper
  5. Complete Tryhards. Recruiting starters and backups.
  6. Retro seeks Heavy and Engineer
  7. --------
  8. [Silver] The Tasteful Pastries looking for Demo and backups
  9. sPIro lf starting sniper s10
  10. Starting New Silver Team!!!!
  11. [Silver] The Silent Riot. Recruiting!
  12. CNA looking for members.
  13. Stag Party looking for backups!
  14. Grill Gamerz LF Starter Demo, Backup Med
  15. GoobCast LF Silver Sniper.
  16. [Silver] Cobalt looking for Pyro backup
  17. [Silver] Monday Mitten Mashers is not happening.
  18. UGC team (insert team name here) LFP
  19. Super Stars LF Backups!
  20. (Silver) Kids Next Door LF a Sniper
  21. Cloud 9 [Silver] LF Backup Engi
  22. (Silver) Skill May Vary LF Starters
  23. 360 FS LF Backups, west coast (silver)
  24. sPIro (silver) lf starting demo
  25. [Silver] Agua Ruim looking for starting Demo
  26. Tea and Strumpets looking for starter Engie and backup Heavy.
  27. High silver LF demo and roamer
  28. Team Sukusukus going silver, LFP S11! SCOUT/SOLLY/DEMO/MEDIC/SNIPER
  29. The Infinite Silver Team Calling All Backups and some Mains
  30. All Gold Everything Looking for Silver Starting Medic and Backups!!!
  31. (Silver) Reformed team LF scout, heavy, engy, spy + backups
  32. [Silver] Back In NOM | LF Starter Scout, Pyro, Heavy, Engineer, and ALL BACKUPS
  33. DTF LFP (scout and Engy) silver
  34. Team Sukusukus LF Demo main, Sniper sub S11
  35. jk! Looking for main med
  36. Rags looking for a main Heavy or Engineer. [S11]
  37. Bit Trippers looking for main pyro + backup spy
  38. ttp Looking for main Scout and Spy
  39. Currently not looking
  40. Tyro Raid LF Main Solly
  41. Hale's Own Team LF Scout Engie Main
  42. [Silver] Back In NOM | LF Medic and ALL BACKUPS
  43. /sTG\ seriously Trashed Gamers lf Engie for Monday night!
  44. Kill Streak Heroes Looking for a Strong, Experienced Heavy
  45. HL Silver team looking for Soldier, Demo, and Medic, backups for every class!
  46. HL Silver Team LFP
  47. New Team, Need lots of people :3
  48. Not looking anymore <3
  49. Crikes Heroes (Kill-Streak Heroes) LFP s11
  50. JUST CAALM DOWN searching for MEDIC
  51. LF CHILL / MLG demo, heavy, and engie.
  52. delete please
  53. Business As Usual - Silver - LF Most Classes
  54. RI// LFP Heavy + backups
  55. [Silver] Roll the Chat S11 Looking for Players
  56. Kritz Titz - Silver - LFP
  57. S11 Broken Glass Highlander Team
  58. GamerGurls LF high silver Engie / Demo
  59. oWn Our world now LF Demo and subs
  60. LF high silver Engineer
  61. MerbosMagic
  62. T5D is LFP for a DEMO and Backups
  63. Found, thank you
  64. LF high silver Heavy
  65. Looking for a Medical man and potentially an engie.
  66. LF Demo, Scout, Soldier
  67. Team Strike Force 9 is Looking for 2 classes
  68. Tony - LFT Silver Spy
  69. Umbra LFP - Silver (Red) Backups
  70. Mid-high silver desperately desperately needing multi-class backups
  71. Team LF a soldier, engineer, medic, sniper
  72. oWn LF Subs and Main Heavy and Engie!!
  73. Retro is looking for a Demo, Medic, Spy, and backups
  74. Kritz Titz LF Mid-High Silver BACKUPS!
  75. Silent Riot LF Demo, Spy, Sniper, Scout Mains
  76. 360 Flareshot is looking for a main Heavy and for a backup Soldier
  77. That's my hotdog! Looking for players!
  78. JUST CAALM DOWN LF Solid Backup Scout
  79. GamerGurls LF high silver demo / hoov tryouts.
  80. Team Strike Force 9 is Looking for a Heavy
  81. The Coloured Pylons LF STARTING spy & engi
  82. Super Happy Fun Time 2.0! SHFT Looking for backups!
  83. oWn LF Soldier and subs
  84. sPIro lf starting scout and demo
  85. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Men - LF Combo, Engie, and Pyro
  86. LF Demoman - Strike Force 9 Silver Team
  87. ricE lf Silver Demo
  88. Kritz Titz - High Silver - Scout
  89. {35th} Infantry is Officially Recruiting (Pyro/Engie)
  90. Looking for starter and backup Heavy! Super Happy Fun Time 2.0!
  91. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Men- LF Combo, and Scout!
  92. [Low-Mid] Looking for an engy!
  93. Mid-High Silver Team LF Backup Demo, Heavy, and Engineer
  94. Strike Force 9 Looking for mid/high silver backups!
  95. Reindeer Illuminati LF Backups!
  97. RetroGamers looking for a demo and heavy!
  98. Looking for Mid Silver Engineer Sub
  99. Silver HL Team LF Engineer
  100. Grandma's Kisses LF Starter Medic ASAP
  101. WOAH LF Main Pyro
  102. Done
  103. Last-minute round-up for S11
  104. T5d -- Looking for Engineer -- Silver
  105. Daymen LF MAIN HEAVY ASAP
  106. Consuela's Cleaners LF Single and Multi-Class Backups
  107. T5D is LF an Engineer MAIN & a General Backup
  108. oWn LF main med?
  109. Kritz Titz - High Silver - Soldier
  110. Skill May Vary LF Backups
  111. S12 Looking for all players! (need a server, if anyone has one :3)
  112. Strike Force 9 Looking for High Silver Spy and Mid/High Silver backups!
  113. Cardiac Arrest LF Soldier/Demoman/Medic/Heavy
  114. Grandma's Kisses LF Starter Scout ASAP
  115. LF Main Pyro !
  116. Lf demo main
  117. Umbra LFP - Silver Engineer MAIN
  118. bEnt looking for main Demo
  119. Kritz Titz LF Pyro (Silver)
  120. Strike Force 9 (high silver) Looking for backups!
  121. Kritz Titz looking for backups silver for just about all classes
  122. Reindeer Illuminati LF Starter Engineer or Heavy
  123. Space Jam Mountain LF Starting Demoman
  124. Killers in Disguise looking for main soldier and heavy
  125. Skill May Vary LF Engie Main and Backups
  126. ShM LF: A Heavy or a Med
  127. {35th} Infantry is Looking for a Main Engineer!
  128. No Longer Looking
  129. Week Pizza Looking for mains/subs for S12 (mid-high silver)
  130. Need a heavy and a soldier for tryout scrims soon! (main caller?)
  131. SMV is looking for a Sniper Main
  132. Need a heavy
  133. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Men - LF Engineer S12
  134. Support for possible silver team in s12?
  135. Secondhand Mercenaries LFP S12
  136. New Silver Team Looking for Players
  137. Upcoming Silver Team LF EXPERIENCED Demo/Heavy/Sniper
  138. LARGE gamers lf med/engie and maybe soldier
  139. 35th Infantry LF Starter Medic/Engineer Sub Scout/Demo/Medic/Spy
  140. Looking For Team As A Sub Spy Position
  141. Blast Resistant Shoes LFP S.12
  142. Silver Team Looking for Backups
  143. Mid or Feed looking for Heavy Season 12
  144. Brand New Silver Team Needing Players
  145. oWn Lf Main Heavy,Demo + subs
  146. New HL Silver team looking for players
  147. Silver Highlander team looking for experienced Engi/solly/back-up demo
  148. LFP S12 mid-high silver?
  149. New Silver team lf a smart engineer
  150. LF some high-silver players!
  151. New high silver-mid gold team no longer looking
  152. Silver team LF tryouts
  153. New Silver team lf heavy tryouts
  154. Silver team looking for experienced demo and solly
  155. Silver team LF backup Pyro
  156. Relax looking for main demo and backups
  157. Super Happy Fun Time 2.0 Looking for starter heavy!
  158. New Silver team LFP
  159. Ifa [high silver] looking for pyro
  160. Silver team lf backups
  161. Imperium Highlander Looking for Backups!
  162. Team lf med tryouts
  163. T5D is *NO LONGER* LFP for a DEMO and SOLDIER
  164. Not looking anymore
  165. Silver team LF backup Pyro
  166. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Men - LF Heavy/Engineer S12
  167. Silver team LF Demo Main
  168. [Silver] Dollar Menu Looking for Players S12
  169. TTK LFP Silver Demo
  170. No Brakes looking for subs and multi class backups
  171. Silver | Looking for Mains
  172. Silver team looking for scout [Must have Competitive Experience]
  173. LF Silver SUB Medic
  174. Silver Team Looking for Mains
  175. Ruff Ridaz LF DEMO w/game sense
  176. oWn LF DEMO +SUBS
  177. {36th} Infantry Looking for Players
  178. Looking For Engi Main
  179. Silver team looking for Demo
  180. bEAST LF subs (sniper and all-class)
  181. Mid silver team looking for demo
  182. LF Demoman or Engineer
  183. Silver Team LF engy and multi-class backups
  184. LF high silver backup heavy
  185. Goof Troop looking for Starter Pyro and Backup Soldier
  186. Silver team LF backups
  187. The ruff ridaz are looking for medic
  188. Med Took Zero- Looking For a Scout
  189. [umbr] Silver LFP Backups
  190. Looking For Heavy Main
  191. Too cute baddies LF Engie Main and Back Ups!
  192. The Eleventh Love Squadron LF Back-up heavy, pyro and multiclass back-ups
  193. {36th} LF Starting Sniper
  194. Gravity - Looking for Couple Mains!
  195. Silver team LF backups
  196. The B-Bakas! LF Subs
  197. The Eleventh Love Squadron LF Demo
  198. Low silver team looking for main heavy, soldier, pyro, engi, med maybe, and subs subs
  199. [S13] New Team : "Đisturbed Love" LFP
  200. Ruff Ridaz need a reliable Sniper