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  1. [Recruiting]Pyrophoric Freaks [Starters + Backups]
  2. (Steel) Looking for back ups! Will get playing time!
  3. MAXlander is recruiting \0/
  4. BoS looking for starters mid-high steel
  5. [Iron] Looking for Medic and Spy Backups
  6. [Steel] Looking for backup demo
  7. Good Old Fun S9 High-ish Steel
  8. Steel team looking for demo
  9. Evil Beastly Squirrels (eBs) | Iron | Now recruiting
  10. New team Gamers cubed is looking for players for season 10
  11. THE Spanish Inquisition - Recruiting this Offsesaon [Silver]
  12. Top Gluttons looking for starter/backup for S9
  13. [Recruiting] Blu's Clues: Most slots open! (Starters+backups)
  14. Rooks and Kings LF players [Silver]
  15. Looking for scouts
  16. Evil Beastly Minions (eBm) | Silver | LF Sniper
  17. [HighSteel] ToB LF Pyro/Engi/Backups
  18. GT [Iron] needs backups
  19. [Steel] Bad Intentions Looking for Backups!
  20. Golden Gents LF Players (Iron)
  21. tRs looking for starting demo (Steel)
  22. Dapper Crew 2.0 (Iron) is looking for a Heavy and Engie
  23. "Mature" HL [Steel] team forming for S9. Seeking all classes, enquire within.
  24. Axl-Wat LF for Back-up Players [Plat]
  25. FHT reborn recruiting
  26. [Steel]Bad Intentions Highlander Team Looking for Heavy/Engie
  27. TOP level steel team LF players
  28. High Steel/Mid Silver lf pyro and engie
  29. Secondhand Mercenaries (currently high steel) LF silver level scout
  30. Kimberlite Council [Platinum/High Silver] LFP for S9
  31. IFA.U needs some players!
  32. [HL Iron] LF Heavy
  33. (HoS) LF Recruits + Subs for next season!
  34. Temp^ Looking for New Additions!
  35. Iron Recruiting Spy.
  36. Hats Over Skill (HoS) | Silver | LF Recruits!
  37. [Mid-High Steel] MMS LF>Heavy + Scout
  38. -High Steel- "The Cuties" Recruiting S9! -Heavy main and Backups!
  39. Recruiting for High-ish steel S9
  40. Steel Team LF Starters
  41. Fresh New Highlander/6's Team, Looking for All Classes!
  42. Iron Recruiting Engineer and Medic and backups.
  43. (Silver) Top Gluttons LF Sniper/Backups for S9
  44. *DDA* new steel team looking for a demo.
  45. New Iron Team Looking for Starting Heavy, Scout, and backups on all classes
  46. HL [Silver] Team Recruiting
  47. Chain Reaction LF [High Silver/Plat] Backups
  48. Fave Five | Silver | LF Starting Demo, Backups
  49. New silver team
  50. [Steel] Antihero Collective LF Sniper and Medic.
  51. Quad Damage |Silver| LF Heavy
  52. New HL team looking for Soldier main
  53. `pvp | High Steel | LF demo, soldier, backups
  54. [HL-Silver] DTF « Looking for Heavy and Backups
  55. New Silver Team Wanting confident players who strive to succeed
  56. HL Steel Team LF Main Medic
  57. New Steel/Silver team looking for Scout/backups
  58. NA HL Iron Team, LF multiclass backups
  59. Plat team Baby Punching Marathon looking for starting Solly!
  60. Looking for players for Highlander NA(Steel)
  61. Backcap Butchers (Formerly Silver, now Steel) LF Players
  62. [SP] is looking for a Scout. IRON
  63. >UGC Plat (starfucker) lf almost all classes!<
  64. [HL Iron] LF Starting Demo and all Backups
  65. LF > HIGH Steel Engie
  66. 3 Day Respawn (Steel) LF Backups (All-classes)
  67. .mms LF Demo + Scout Steel/Silver
  68. Iron backups.
  69. [Silver] team looking for pyro and soldier
  70. [+..] Retro Gamers recruiting for S9 [Silver/Gold]
  71. Z2H! New Team! Looking For Good Steel Scout,BU pyro,engineer Bu Sniper. HL!
  72. Formerly FTM LF: Demo / engy + heavy
  73. New Steel Team LF Starting Scout and Engie
  74. Neon Rocks -ɴʀ- | Silver | LF Heavy+Medic
  75. High Iron team LF backup Heavy, Demo, Solly, Pyro, Engie
  76. Looking for Iron Backups
  77. 420YoloSwagg Looking for players!
  78. .BAD LF Engy, Spy, and Heavy (High-Steel)
  79. [CbS] Is recruiting!
  80. High as fuck Silver Team Recruiting
  81. Quality Control - Plat - Season 9
  82. Midnight Muffin Stuffers Silver LF Demo, Solly, Sniper, Scout
  83. The Dildos [silver] - LF multiple class back ups
  84. [HL-Iron] Looking for Scout, Demo, Heavy, Sniper, Spy
  85. Team SAFF (Silver) looking for starters!
  86. lamma. [silver] looking for scout and others
  87. [Silver] ToB LF Demo/Pyro/Heavy/Spy
  88. New High-Steel Team Looking for Starting Heavy + Back-ups!
  89. >UGC Silver HL Team Open<
  90. High Steel team looking for Spy
  91. Mid-High Steel [LF Sniper/Scout]
  92. {{PA}} LF Back-Up HL Iron Players
  93. [HL-Iron] Looking for Spy
  94. Ahhh! New team looking for mains & backups
  95. .kTacos Looking for Starters and Backups for the 'New Teams' Division!
  96. [HL-Iron] Need ~13 people for roster
  97. Sentry Buster's Recruiting backup OPEN! [Iron]
  98. New Iron Team LFP
  99. New Steel Team LF- Scout, Heavy ( Main ) & Backups for every class
  100. Neon Rocks -ɴʀ- | Silver | LF Recruits!
  101. ᴹᴹ - Silver - LF Med, Engi, Pyro
  102. Antihero Collective | NA [Mid-Steel]
  103. Z2H Needs A Good Backup Scout, Roster Engineer, Sniper, And NEED A Pyro UGC Steel! HL
  104. .kTacos Looking for Starters and Backups! (Low Iron)
  105. New Iron Team - Players Needed!
  106. New Sliver Team
  107. Gold team Looking for Sniper and all class backups
  108. New iron team for season 9
  109. Looking for mid to high steel
  110. Looking for Demo + backups [HL Iron]
  111. [STEEL] Recruiting Starters and Backups, all classes
  112. The Cuties- LF Demoman & Medic main (High steel)
  113. Secondary Mercenaries (ShM) | Silver | LFP
  114. IFA Silver looking for Solly
  115. Evil Beastly Minions (eBm) | Silver/Gold | LF Backups
  116. Evil Beastly Squirrels (eBs) | Iron | LF Soldier + Backups
  117. NA HL Iron Team LF, Sniper, Engie, and back ups!
  118. [HL Gold] Zaboomacrew + 3 LF Multi-Class Backup
  119. New Iron Team LF Players
  120. Iron Team S9 - Spy needed!
  121. Scout LFT in UGC 6's
  122. [SoL] Sons of Liberty - Competing in S9 of the Iron league!
  123. tLb - The Last Bosses (GOLD) LF: Backups
  124. New Iron Team Looking For Players!
  125. LF: Medic + backups [IRON]
  126. Dead By 9 | Iron | LF Sniper
  127. NA STEEL LFP(Heavy&Engineer)
  128. LF Heavy, Engineer. High Iron (umbr)
  129. Z2H Backups Needed. Steel Highlander
  130. LF: Scout - [umbr] High Iron
  131. [Mid-Silver]The Wild Party LF Scout
  132. aps; silver team needing backups
  133. Silver LF>Heavy (MMS)
  134. Lfp iron - sentry busters - need backups
  135. Steel Team LF Demo & Spy
  136. LF: Scout, Heavy Alt/Backup || High Iron [umbr]
  137. Lon Lon Ranchers - Silver/Gold - LF Pyro, Medic, and Sniper
  138. High Steel - Looking for Demoman
  139. new gold team looking for scout, medic, and backups for all classes
  140. [Iron] LF Heavy, and a backup Scout, Sniper, Pyro & Heavy
  141. LF: Medic Alt || High Iron [umbr]
  142. New player. Looking for a silver team
  143. Bashing Dastards Looking for all but Heavy/Engy/Spy
  144. Iron team looking for scout
  145. Fiery Pootis Squad / High Iron - LF members
  146. Spy looking for Iron Team!
  147. [Steel] LF Heavy and Engi starters, all backups
  148. New Steel Team LF Starters & Back-ups
  149. [Iron] LF Demo, Scout, Sniper, and Multiclass backups
  150. Goof Troop looking for Backup Medic, Spy, Heavy and Demo
  151. Smashing Pumpkins LF Solly, Sniper, Engie, and Heavy.
  152. steel team looking for a medic and scout
  153. New Iron Team Recruiting for Next Season.
  154. Looking for Mid-High Steel Backups!
  155. New Iron team
  156. A Silver Lining (mid-high silver)
  157. [HL-Steel] Looking for Scout and Solly
  158. Steel Team LF Members.
  159. [STEEL] ᴎᴇᴅ| Ennead Looking For Main Sniper and Backups
  160. Kids Next Door: Looking for Soldier/Backups! (Steel)
  161. Warrior Nation looking for Pyro/Engie! [Gold]
  162. LFP IRON - Sentry Busters - NEED BACKUPS
  163. Looking for iron backups!!!
  164. Iron team lf scout, heavy, medic and sniper
  165. [Iron] LF Starting Scout, Demo, Heavy
  166. Super Happy Fun Time! -SHFT- | Steel | LF Sniper and Backups! (No Spy)!
  167. Iron looking for heavy and backups for every class
  168. Need Engi + backups for High Iron team! -AI-
  169. [Steel] LF Spy starter, all non-scout backups
  170. Cutting Edge (NA Iron)
  171. The Outcasts [Iron] Recruiting S9
  172. The Infinate [High-Steel][S9] Need 2 starters and most backups
  173. [HL - NA Iron] Calling all subs~
  174. (Iron Team) The New Killer Tacos LF Starters and Backups.
  175. Zer02Her0: Looking for Good Demoman,UGC steel, Highlander
  176. LF: Backup Med, Demo || [umbr] Iron
  177. [IRON] Looking for some starters/backups
  178. Looking for Medic and Demo [Steel Red]
  179. NA Steel - LF Medic
  180. [Silver] Nine Wise Guys - Looking For All Backup Spots Except Sniper !
  181. Bad News Bears LF Sniper and Solider (Mid-High Steel)
  182. [Mid-Silver] AlphaTango LF Medic and Soldier starters/Demo backup
  183. Looking for Backup Spy - Silver
  184. New Iron HL team Mass the Policers looking for heavy, backup demo, and backup medic
  185. GT Looking for Iron Backups
  186. [SILVER HL] Filthy Casuals LF spy medic and scout
  187. LF Steel(high) Competitive team
  188. [HL Iron] LF Heavy, Engie, and backups
  189. LFT?=HJ= is looking for iron backups!!!
  190. Mid Steel Team LF Players
  191. \\CM// (Mid/High Steel, S9) looking for a Demo and assorted subs!
  192. LF med main + solly backup mid/high silver
  193. The Spanish Inquisition LF Backups! (gold)
  194. Iron - looking for Sniper and backups
  195. [Iron] Looking for multiclass backups!
  196. Iron team LF Spy/Sniper/Multi
  197. Plat team looking for backups all classes (maybe starters)
  198. [Silver] Bit Trippers - LF Backups
  199. [Silver] ToB LF Dedicated Multiclass Backups
  200. [SILVER] sPIro looking for sniper backup