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  1. Euro - LF 2 Scouts/Scout & Pocket
  2. - EU - LF Demo, Scout & Soldier Subs
  3. EU - LF Starting Scout + Backup Demo
  4. EU - Medic + Backup
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  17. [STEEL] Team Looking for a Medic
  18. Closed
  19. LFP Medic
  20. LF Medic Div6 (Maincalling experience prefered)
  21. Team Spark International is looking for some players!
  22. New Team, Need scout demo medic soldier.
  23. Team want Scout,heavy and medic
  24. -closed-
  25. Shameless ETF2L recruitment post on wrong forum (medic wanted div 5)
  26. New Tf2 team, Lookig for scout and medic!
  27. LF Pocket, Scout and Subs
  28. New Steel Team!! Need all classes :)
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  31. New 6v6 Team LF - 1 Demo, 2 Scouts, 1 Soldier OR 1 Scout, 2 Soldiers
  32. Newbie team, looking for 2 Scouts, Soldier and Demo
  33. Newly founded 6s team, LFP Pocket Soldier
  34. Team just getting into competetive LF Pocket, Demo and Med
  35. LF 6's Subs
  36. LF 6's MAIN MEDIC
  37. New and fresh UGC Iron 6s team Acenatory looking for players
  38. Looking for a team!!! Just starting though :)
  39. normal team, low levl engi main and high level scout main
  40. full 6's team looking for a demo
  41. Creating a new team, Need some help.
  42. Making a new 6s team open/low
  43. (Recruiting) Looking for newbs or somewhat experienced players for a new team.
  44. Magyar csapat magyarokat keres
  45. No longer looking for players.
  46. EU: Legion LF SCOUTS AND MED
  47. inFury LFP 6s all classes