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  4. Remake the map feedback subforum.
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  17. Admin Match Page, black text is unreadable
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  35. Match results links brings up wrong team
  36. Typo on the main page
  37. Cannot set avatar, cannot link Steam account
  38. ETA on Player transactions Page?
  39. Can't log in on forums
  40. [Minor Bug] Schedule Page
  41. Changing thread name does not change it from the forums
  42. 4v4 Team Management Problem
  43. change "TF2 discussion" to "league discussion"
  44. Website is blank
  45. Match Results - Logs
  46. Typo On 6v6 Quick Info Page
  47. Please add Division sections to the Looking for scrims fourm
  48. cant log into the normal ugc league page with the steam sign in button?
  49. Can't link Steam account to this account.
  50. player_page.cfm bug
  51. my_team.cfm - small mistake
  52. Another Log in through steam problem
  53. Image embeds in signatures broken?
  54. Problem with ads on the player search result page.
  55. Forum issues
  56. plz help me admins
  57. Forums slow the past few days
  58. Cannot link steam account to forum account
  59. Delay the match results page changeover through Saturday
  60. Form for making a team?
  61. Mentor Forum
  62. remove special characters in usernames
  63. Many of the download links break or give corrupted files
  64. constant ad redirects on main page
  65. Is it possible to filter threads?
  66. Site back to normal...
  67. Change the color schematic on match pages?
  68. Player login through steam loop
  69. Cant log in as team leader
  70. Constant errors while navigating the forums
  71. 404 error while trying to install 4v4 maps
  72. Speed up the Public data for Roster Transactions and the Ban List
  73. Fix the 4s rank url
  74. How to change steam link and forum name
  75. Make the topics in the General forum visible to users not logged in
  76. Clarification of Rule 3.1 (Servers)
  77. Team leaving
  78. OW Join requests not working?
  79. Errors on player profile page with bnet login.
  80. Decimals in team win/loss columns
  81. How do i change the region for my ugc iron team.
  82. Team join request does not appear
  83. my forums look like this
  84. BNet login method error
  85. Team Avatar Issue
  86. Can't leave OW team
  87. "User is not logged in" after steam login redirect.
  88. Leader Page Division Request Typo
  89. My password I set for my group is not working.