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  3. Suggestion(or question) More admins(?)
  4. Ask The Community For Coding/Development Help
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  6. S9 Map Suggestions
  7. Extension on preseason games?
  8. Changes to whitelist
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  10. Playoff Final 3 Map Suggestion
  11. Match/Scrim Web Integration
  12. Highend Players in Steel
  13. In-house map voting
  14. Hunted!
  15. "On Call' Admins
  16. Request for the Admins
  17. forfeit win matchpoints
  18. Beginner leauge
  19. Ugc paper league? Also readd the familiar fez
  20. Spot on Badwater Illegal?
  21. "Forfeit Hunter" Solution?
  22. Map Selection Process for S10
  23. Flexible match days for Plat.
  24. Betting
  25. Scrap the Pre-Season. One Night Cups?
  26. Update item whitelists regularly
  27. 4v4 League
  28. Amends & Progress: How to Move the UGC Forward
  29. Why isn't sv_pure 2 a requirement for match servers?
  30. Capture Races
  31. voting system for allowed weapons
  32. Organize divisions into location
  33. playoffs and medals in lower divisions: a meandering rant
  34. Allstar Voting
  35. Official unlockable moose VAC ban discussion thread
  36. Please change the "Players LFT and Teams LFP" Threads.
  37. S10 and beyond!
  38. Ultiduo/trio/quad league?
  39. 6v6 Season 12 - Suggestions
  40. A Simple System To Scrim
  41. Simple Customization
  42. STV Demo of the match download feature
  43. Is there a League Questions forum?
  44. Leading an Offclassing Team
  45. Make 6v6 configs call a ugc_6v_custom config
  46. UGC Pug Group
  47. F2P League
  48. UGC scrim channel
  49. Gold division eu
  50. A Tf2 UGC Division Ranking Idea
  51. etf2l links on profile
  52. 12v12, Valve-standards competitive
  53. Normalize Point Differentials
  54. Push match time back 30 minutes
  55. Ban soda popper
  56. Having good servers
  57. Ban "bird head" items
  58. Make Gold and Plat move up/invite only.
  59. Mandatory Plugins
  60. Disclose and explain playoffs format better & sooner
  61. Roster Locks
  62. Dota 2 League?
  63. List of underated maps
  64. If money is on the line in S12 there should be more restrictions.
  65. Wrangler Ban - Cool story bro
  66. Possible ban on Short Circuit and Baby Face's Blaster?
  67. Possibility bring back TFC one last time??
  68. Add a Ringers Forum Section
  69. Split the Mentors Forum
  70. 1 Week break for Chinese New Year for asia division.
  71. A-Teams and B-Teams
  72. update the whitelist with strongbox hats
  73. Rework the Netcode Restrictions
  74. A change to the mercenary rules
  75. Make uploading platinum STV's mandatory/a thing?
  76. Consider Adding Tutorials To UGC
  77. Organize Teams by Classes
  78. Fistful of Frags
  79. ETF2L's Ringer Rules
  80. Sand Bagging
  81. Please don't ban the new taunts
  82. A ringer forum
  83. 6v6 signups.
  84. UGC Counter Strike: GO
  85. Categorize Experience by Season.
  86. Bye weeks
  87. Add a loser's bracket to ALL divs.
  88. Can we make the points for and points against more balanced across game modes?
  89. Can we have a serious look at Koth_King?
  90. Ads and Donations
  91. Make a Playoff Participant medal.
  92. UGC 1v1?!?
  93. Ugc 36v36
  94. Dead time ;-;
  95. tf_player_drop_bonus_ducks 0
  96. Streams on the main page
  97. Looking For Scrim Forums
  98. Ultiduo league?
  99. Overwatch league?
  100. Make 6s relevant again.
  101. "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" League?
  102. Update all tf2 whitelists request.
  103. Make Some Pages and quick links to posing guides and rules
  104. I am Newbie Here
  105. New Whitelists
  106. s18 map pool:
  107. Maps for next season
  108. Publicly available STV demos
  109. Reduce "New Player" Roster Time to 18/20 Hours
  110. Share POVs from the anti-cheat team
  111. Recruiting Forums Clean-up
  112. Utidou!!!
  113. Ringer Section
  114. "View Team's Player History" Option
  115. Overwatch League
  116. hide steel and iron looking posts from what's new
  117. Why does experience last from 4 seasons ago and not 3?
  118. Please Add Season 5-6 Gold 4s Honors
  119. Rocket League League
  120. Appoint an admin/admins solely for scheduling
  121. Suggestion for Prediction Thread
  122. Ban players from using the same aliases/avatars in matches
  123. Move matches over by a week so that Borneo isn't on Halloween
  124. just a suggestion
  125. Suggestion: Replace 4v4 with 7v7 for next season
  126. Concerning The Medic Melees
  127. update ugc server whitelists to allow halloween cosmetics for finals
  128. A league for Rocket League?
  129. petition for dedoris to play memento mori in week 3 regardless of W/L
  130. Add recent transactions for New Teams*
  131. Lighten up on Silver Restrictions
  132. A Few Ideas/Suggestions
  133. Longer seasons
  134. 6s playoffs
  135. Don't have 6s matches on Valentine's day
  136. Add a recommended/not recommended feature to LFT/LFP threads