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  1. LFT any div, any class
  2. lft all backup
  3. LFT I can play any class
  4. LFT, I'll play any class needed, Sub or Main, doesn't matter.
  5. LF any div (scout,sniper,medic)
  6. . ҉ÐÊŊİĂĿ lft any class and div
  7. Engineer + other classes any division, EST, Lots of comp experince
  8. Aimanfire LFT Soldier/Scout for steel/silver
  9. GNOME LFT plat/silver backup preferred.
  10. Spy/Scout, Medic sub
  11. Flintstone lft backup 4v4 silver
  12. PEARS LFT demo only
  13. rabs LFT Main Scout any div
  14. Aimanfire LFT Steel/silver as Soldier/Scout
  15. Nmolby LFT High Steel/Low Silver Solly
  16. LFT steel/silver everything starter/backup whatever
  17. LFT | Demoman/Scout/Engineer/
  18. LFT Silver as basically anything
  19. LFT Iron-Steel Demo
  20. Soldier lf 4v4 steel team
  21. No longer looking, DELETE ME!!
  22. 4v4 Medic Iron LFT
  23. Ayeee, I am searching for teams that need a medic <3 (4v4 Iron)
  24. LFT Medic
  25. LFT Scout/Sniper/Soilder
  26. LFT Main Scout iron 4v4
  27. LFT: Old TFC Pro Looking for TF2 Soldier/Demo/Hw
  28. Scout main looking to join a iron 4v4 team.
  29. LFT Scout Main Iron 4v4 :)
  30. Sunfire LFT | 4s Pyro (backup/main) | Gold or any div
  31. LFT Iron | Soldier Sub/Main
  32. LFT Any Div
  33. OMGharri LFT Backup/Main medic/pyro/scout Any DIV
  34. Lft any div backup
  35. LFT 4s iron scout
  36. LFT any div sub/main Soldier/Demo/Pyro
  37. LFT 4's Scout/Pyro Iron
  38. LFT Soldier Main/Sub
  39. LFP S5 Gold
  40. LFT Silver/Steel All-Class
  41. LFT Silver/Gold sub
  42. :)
  43. LFT Scout Silver/Gold
  44. 4v4 Champ LF HOME
  45. Lft
  46. Wonko LFT any Div.. Med plus whatever
  47. Dotsy LFT Scout
  48. Looking For A Team. (Amazing Soldier Right Here)
  49. LFT Scout Demo
  50. looking for a team
  51. LFT any div sub scout/medic
  52. LFT any class besides scout
  53. LFT Soldier (only play on weekends)
  54. LFT Scout main (also soldier) 4v4
  55. Scout/Solly lft
  56. Lft scout main
  57. Willing to join any team!
  58. LFT Medic Main