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  1. LF Iron 4v4 Scrims
  2. LF silver 4s scrims on thursdays and fridays
  3. Looking for scrim tonight
  4. Scrim
  5. Looking to scrim on fridays, saturdays, sundays.
  6. Looking for scrims thursdays 5:30-9:30 Pacific
  7. Steel 4s scrim
  8. Steel 4s scrims (Open to any time)
  9. looking for scrims throughout the season
  10. Lfs 6/8 @830 pm est
  11. High silver/Low gold 4v4 team looking for scrims.
  12. steel 4s team looking for a scrim
  13. NA 4v4 Steel, looking for scrims
  14. LFS silver 4s pregames
  15. 4v4 scrims tonight if anyone is down pm me