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Thread: LFP Scouts and Subs

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    Default LFP Scouts and Subs

    Currently my team is doing tryouts for both pocket scout and flank scout.
    We are also looking for substitutes, preferably ones that can sub as multiple classes.

    Players need to be willing to improve and listen to criticism.
    Our team is attempting to make playoffs next season but those new to competitive are still free to tryout.

    DM me (through steam) to apply

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    Yo could u add me cuz I still have a limited stema account and have been too lazy to buy anything

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    hey, I added to see if I can sub for roamer or flank scout, I have experience with both of them and would be happy to try out

    my steam below V

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    Hey added you on steam regarding the UGC post you made feel free to add me back and reply

    My steam:

    I've got a bit more experience in the pro/competitive scene

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    Hey, added you on Steam to see if I could play flank scout. I have 1.1k+ hours in TF2 and almost 300 on scout.

    My steam link is

    I'm not too experienced in the competitive scene. But, I am willing to improve.


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