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    Hey, I want to start up a project that I'll be working on for a bit. I decided that making a highlander frag vid would be a fun project that I'd enjoy.
    In order to do this, I need demos.

    Requirements for submitting demos:
    • Must have happened in a highlander scrim or match (No pug or lobby clips)
    • Must have happened during Season 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, or inbetween those seasons.
    • Must be silver level at the least
    • You must include demo ticks in the demo file name
    • You must provide your preferred alias
    • You must provide the name of the team you were representing and their division
    • No cheated demos obviously

    Use the following format to submit your demos or they will probably not be looked at:

    Team name:
    Dropbox/Google Drive link to demos:

    Important: name your demos in the following format

    Do not edit your posts to add more clips - post another time if you find a clip you want to share after already posting.

    Song recommendations are also appreciated!
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    gorilla dab by peter the leader

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    This is a cool project, I'll see if I have anything to add in the future.
    Best of luck with this!

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    Have an entire section for spy clips where the music changes to only anime openings.

    I'll post the only thing I've done all season when I get back from class.

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    lol if you think anyone records demos ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by crab_f View Post
    lol if you think anyone records demos ever
    I've recorded every demo since January

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    welp, time to spend my day off sifting through demos.

    edit: ill be posting stuff i find that is pretty good

    alias: wax
    team name: Fast Forward/Chill Penguins
    class: Engineer
    Div: Platinum
    Link to demos:
    Last edited by waxxx; July 12th, 2018 at 02:39 PM.

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    Alias: Markers
    Team name: The Grease Police
    Class: Sniper
    Division: Platinum
    Dropbox/Google Drive link to demos:

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    song request: Droopy-FuckTheLaw.wmv

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    Alias: exile
    Team name: Fast Forward
    Class: Demoman
    Division: Platinum
    Dropbox/Google Drive link to demos:

    some music i can recommend

    ending song (if you feel you need some sort of song for the credits, the first minute or so is nice)

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    Alias: Seven
    Team: Fast Forward
    Division: Platinum
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    Alias: sullyy
    Team: froyotech
    Division: platinum
    Class: sniper

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    Alias: Puffalo
    Team name: Skate Fast Eat ass / No Team
    Class: Pyro
    Division: Silver
    Dropbox/Google Drive link to demos:

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    Alias: Joey
    Team Name: Raze The World
    Class: Pyro
    Division: Silver
    Google Drive Link:


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