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    Default Witness LFT

    Trying to main for low-mid Plat as the Heavy.

    UGC Season 19 - Steel - Show Em the Pine - 9-3 - Heavy - 2nd Place
    UGC Season 20 - Silver - Show Em the Pine - 5-3 - Heavy Sub
    UGC Season 20 - Gold - Suicide Watch - 3-2 (Died) - Heavy Sub
    UGC Season 21 - Platinum - Shooting Blanks - 4-6 - Heavy Sub
    UGC Season 22 - Silver - SkateFastEatAss - 8-4 - Leader - 2nd Place
    UGC Season 23 - Platinum - DpM - 4-7 - Heavy Sub - 4th Place
    UGC Season 24 - Silver - EbolaWorld - 11-1 - Main Heavy - 1st Place

    Currently playing with catbud in silver as Main. Would like to avoid 3 straight seasons of silver. Willing to put in work for dedicated teams looking to improve and grow myself ad a player. I can also fill a lot of roles needed on a team.

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    witness knows like everything

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    witness is not bad at playing bitch pootis

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    witness needs to not play in silver

    hes got a few gamesense issues but if youre on a team thats looking to either a) groom players into pounders or b) improve over the season then he's probably your guy for pooter bagooter, he learns quickly and obviously loves the game.

    pick him up for plat especially with the state of the div now

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    Kegaman met witness twice in real life!
    He is a helpful player while can perform well as Heavy...

    Some adjustments and developments can make him a better Heavy than the bigger known named Heavies...

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    witness in silver pogchamp, witness in plat 4head

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    witness is one of the biggest brains you could have on your team
    have a nice day...!

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    Witness is the most helpful mentor and player I have met in tf2. Got a team of surf mains to third place steel and turned a bunch of steel moveups into silver playoffs material. Pick this man up right now. His heavy skill is top notch, best in silver and will easily fit in on a plat team.

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    Bump College is starting up soon but I'll still be able to play scrims/matches


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