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Thread: EssentialsTF July EU Monthly Announcement

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    Default EssentialsTF July EU Monthly Announcement

    The Essentials.TF EU monthly is back for July thanks to the help of Marketplace.TF!

    We have some big changes to our monthly format including the introduction of an invite and open bracket, the invite bracket will consist of four teams and play in a round robin format while the open bracket will continue to play a 5 round Swiss format, the top four open teams after the Swiss stage will join the four invite teams in our brand new 8 team single elimination playoff format, with every match being best-of-3. Our Map pool has also received a shake-up and will be the same as our planned map pool for i63. We will also be using the Global Whitelist in future monthlies in anticipation for i63. There is no better tournament to start practicing for the big event!

    We are also introducing a giveaway of $120 of credit to one lucky team from either the EU or NA monthly. All you have to do to enter is play either the NA or EU monthly and play all of your matches in full to stand a chance to win. The winners will be announced during the talk show on 22nd July.

    -Play dates: 7th-8th July
    -Prizepool: €600 + $80 of Marketplace.TF credit
    -Invite and open brackets
    -Invite bracket will play a round robin format, open bracket continues with swiss
    -Swiss stage continues to allow 45 minutes per round
    -8 Team single elimination playoffs, each match best-of-3
    -i63 Map Pool, same as ETF2L except -Cardinal +Sunshine
    -Class limits: 2 for each of scout and soldier; 1 for all other classes
    -5CP win limit 5 with a 30min timer
    -KOTH win limit 3
    -Global Whitelist

    More info on our news article here:

    We are still planning to run test matches with top level player mixes to try out potential new weapons for the whitelist. If you are a high-level player wanting to play in these please get in contact with us via Discord.

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    my team never got paid from placing 3rd in the feb tournament :"(

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    why is this a sticky?

    Quote Originally Posted by Figsy View Post
    my team never got paid from placing 3rd in the feb tournament :"(
    and this is cronge

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    pay the figsy

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    Figsy, I added team leaders on steam to confirm their payment info, but some have ignored my add. Could you add me on steam and drop a comment on my profile so I can double check against your team leader steam id from the tournament? Then I can get payment processed straight away.


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