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Thread: UGC Season 25 Week 3 Silver Match Predictions

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    I was recently told that UGC forum bans extend to league bans.

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    Guys look at me! I was trolling you all along! Hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrambled View Post
    Your prediction for the team previously known as Midheaven Monday Murderers doesn't seem to take a key factor into account. The ETF2L Premiership Veteran Ballzy, previously known as Scrambled (and for making the overrated Karl cry in pugs because NA heavies are all trash), recognised the raw potential in this team and is mainclassing and maincalling for them.
    oi, you 'ave a loisence for that retardation ya cheeky bugga?

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    cloud : if i hate europeans is it racist or like
    cloud : europe isnt a race
    cloud : so what is it
    FirePOW : yes cloud
    cloud : am i just a dick
    ogSPANKYLOCO : no cloud
    ogSPANKYLOCO : you;re just intelligent

    tf2 center is a beautiful thing


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