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    hi, if the medic spot is still available i can take it! add and message me here if interested.

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    I could be heavy for your team if it is still available played season 15 iron heavy and season 19 steel as heavy.

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    Yo I’m interested in playing the scout spot for your team I’ve played steel for another UGC team already and I want to advance I also have a lot of experience on lobbies/pugs so you can HMU here

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    Hey! I'm interested in joining your Pyro spot, I have played 7 seasons as a merc not on the roster, Please! Add me!

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    im interested in the pyro spot. i have about 8 season of experience, pretty much all in steel and was the starting pyro for the top steel team this last season. i also have experience making my own 4s team. i have 5.5k hours. i will add you on steam.

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    hi i am looking to play spy i have over 3000 hours experience on spy. add me


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