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Thread: Two players looking for iron team: Heavy & Medic mains

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    Post Two players looking for iron team: Heavy & Medic mains

    Hey everyone. My friend and I are two ex-competitive players coming back to the team after a long break, and we were thinking it'd be fun to join a team together.

    I'm a Heavy main with over 1,000 hours in the game and slightly under 300 hours in my class of choice. I played in Steel during seasons 17, 18 and 19 but had to stop due to real life obligations. My schedule should look a lot less cluttered over the next semester, so I should be plenty available for scrims and games.

    My friend is a Medic main with around just under 1,000 hours, 100 of which have been put into Medic. He played with me during seasons 18 and 19, and stopped for similar reasons to mine. For future reference, he'll be leaving a post under this one so you can contact him individually too.

    We both have plenty of experience with the game and working with a team, and we're confident we'll be able to carry our own weight. We're looking to join the team as a duo, so if you have both slots available, please consider getting in touch.

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    Howdy! It's me, the medic main! shoot me a message if you need any more info about me.

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    Iron doesn't exist anymore, Steel is the lowest div now

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    if you are still looking for a team hit me up. pm me here or friend me on steam.


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