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    2000+ hours on spy, I have plenty of comp experience. I'm sick of pubs please pick me up for a team I just want to play 1 season so I can finally quit this game I've been denied for too long.
    help me
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    hes nuts seriously dont sleep on my boy stumpy

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    zzz falling asleep

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    I'd even go far enough to say I'll play any class if it would actually get me on a team I've played this game long enough. I'm able and willing to play almost anything I just want to play the videogame.

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    Ownage SPY, sadly was held back by my s24 pootis play, but this guy is reliably nuts,

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    someone please put me on their roster I'll play anything
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    stumpy is good but he needs to comm
    "brainlet pyro" -xbs

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    i could organize a tryout post-season if you want. add me if you're interested.

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    Still would wish to play on a team

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    Insane spy seriously.


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