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Thread: Octa screws me over once again (18+) TheS4rr<3 with a four and a heart

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    this gai is a retarded

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    -rep quit tf2 for fortnite then quit fortnite for minecraft then quit minecraft for roblox then quit roblox for cs:go

    He's a clear hacker - no one can quit for like 3 years then come back and be good. Even if he wanted to main in silver, I would NOT recommend. Look at his past experience, his last 3 teams have been b4nned or died. CLEARLY is bad luck and has mid-high steel aim. Would recommend for any high steel team looking to go far in playoffs but not much more than that. Good day, this is high platinum sniper, FruitCup, signing off.

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    Why do PEOPLe keep buMPing and making new posts??? DO NOt they know that I'M a free AGENNNTT???? Why WOULD ANYONE pick ANyoNE up over ME???????

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