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    Welcome those of you who need a fatty in your life. I go by many names but you can call me baby.

    I've been around for awhile, first starting a team in S13 and playing most HL seasons since. For HL I'm a heavy main through and through, but that's not all! I've spent a lot of my seasons either main calling, or supporting main callers who aren't quite there yet. I have never been a visible leader, but I am always working behind the scenes with map reviews, demo reviews, theorycrafting, team decisions, and being a backup for scrims and matches when necessary. I have worked with teams with all kinds of combos, including playing a backing role to a strong pyro and working with weak demos, so I can fill all of the holes.

    The only thing I will not do is play with a toxic team.

    If you need me add me

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    he is absolutely the BEST heavy I've ever played with. I never felt unsafe if he was watching my back, both in game and irl. His gamesense is fantastic, dm is great, super chill and an all around relaxing presence. Friend, mentor, and gamer all in one, please give him a good home, I promise you won't regret it.

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    this guy probably doesn't remember me but we played in season 18 together. amazing heavy who was really above steel at that time. would fit perfect into a plat or high silver team


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