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Thread: Doc LFT Medic tryouts

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    Default Doc LFT Medic tryouts

    I have mained Highlander Medic for 3 seasons straight and played Silver for the last season and a half, most of which I was on Quakstreet Boys.
    I would like to play with a team that takes the game seriously and focuses on improving rather than just messing around and wasting everyone's time.
    I am generally always available and would be able to attend any map or STV Reviews because I'm always looking to learn.

    s24 - Silver - Main Medic - QuakStreet Boys
    s23 - Steel - Main Medic - Baconphiliacs (After half a season with SAR)
    s22 - Steel - Main Medic - Just Bap!
    s19 - Iron - Main Medic - The Vacuumes

    ADD ME

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    He is a good medic player and needs more practices

    What Doc Medic needs to work on:
    - 100% committed push
    - Think for others personality
    - Keep practicing

    Overall, he is a go-for medic

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    Doc is actually one of the most determined to improve medics ive ever met. He's constantly improving and definitely a solid pick up for any mid silver team.

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    high-potential medic. needs to work on not dropping to axtinguisher pyro but is otherwise very capable and a great pickup

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