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    It has been roughly 5 months since the launch of our open beta for Since then we have learned a lot about our system and have worked to improve the service so it is easily usable for all our users. As we near the end of our open beta and prepare the launch of our new organization which includes an entire rewrite of HLPugs, we want to shift our focus to encompass all skill levels and to be inclusive to other game modes as well.

    New Goal: Become a great environment for players to practice and play competitive TF2 with people around their skill level.

    Process: It is important that we get mid-silver / low platinum players to add up. This starts by having a trickle-down process, so that newer players will start seeing our site as the place to add up. The primary issue with our service right now it is primarily used by platinum players, which may seem off putting or intimidating to lots of players. However, if we can get more players of similar skill levels to add up, less intimidation will occur, PUGs will be more consistent, and we can grow the player base.

    Viable solutions for low / new players not adding up:

    • Create a mixes site (e.g. “HLMixes”) to target these players. We would initialize MMR with UGC History (or hours if history not available) to ideally find the skill index of a player in order to balance and create the most balanced teams possible.
    • Improve alt account detection so skilled players do not ruin mixes.
    • After a certain number of PUGs, we could encourage these players to move to the captain-draft system (such as a banner to redirect players). This could be done in waves of players at a time, so players are not moving up alone.
    • “Newbie” mixes nights (once a week) where new players are encouraged to play with experienced coaches/players that can teach or help them.

    Potential Site Improvements for New(er) Players:

    • Prevent platinum players and other players from sandbagging in the mix site. With the UGC History, we could restrict logins to the mix site for all platinum players.
    • Class preferences on the classes they wished to get picked on.
    • Improve reporting systems to reduce behavioral issues.
    • Tool tips to guide players on how to properly pick players.

    If you have any feedback, thoughts, or opinions regarding how to improve our service, please share them. We are actively working to develop our system so it can be enjoyed by the wider audience of TF2. We care about any feedback that you wish to send our way, as we want this project to continuously improve.

    Discord (For anyone to use in order to suggest feedback, talk to the support team, or submit any questions to the team)
    Steam Group (Receive announcements for when PUGs are starting)
    Patreon (Supporting our project will give you a site icon, ability to change the color of your name, longer pre-ready up duration, and more)

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    I think if UGC supplied API, making a mix site would be easy and would revitalize highlander pugs.

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    wheres my medal


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